What is Lolo Mt known for?

What is Lolo Mt known for?

A short drive south of Missoula , Lolo is home to Travelers’ Rest State Park and Lolo Peak Brewing Company. Used as a trading ground for Montana’s First Nations and a campsite for Lewis and Clark, Travelers’ Rest has an impressive history, and their self-guided interpretive trail is a must-stop.

What is the population of Missoula Montana 2022?

Missoula County, Montana’s estimated population is 122,480 with a growth rate of 0.79% in the past year according to the most recent United States census data.

What is the population of Missoula in 2021?

The current population of Missoula, Montana is 77,418 based on our projections of the latest US Census estimates.

What are the main industries in Missoula Montana?

The largest industries in Missoula, MT are Health Care & Social Assistance (6,882 people), Retail Trade (5,760 people), and Accommodation & Food Services (5,253 people), and the highest paying industries are Mining, Quarrying, & Oil & Gas Extraction ($58,618), Agriculture, Forestry, Fishing & Hunting, & Mining ($45,924 …

Is Lolo Montana a good place to live?

It is a very welcoming and peaceful town. I love living in Montana and Lolo. We are close to a larger city, so living here is quiet, peaceful, full of wild life, beautiful trees and fishing!

How much is Lolo Hot Springs?

Current Weather and Forecast – Lolo Hot Springs

Lolo Hot Springs Admission Fees
5 to 12 $5.00
13 to 54 $7.00
55 Plus $6.00
Lodging Rates

What city in Montana has the largest black population?

Great Falls
Today, Great Falls still is home to the largest black community in the state, though it is but a fraction of former size.

What is the racial makeup of Missoula MT?

The 5 largest ethnic groups in Missoula, MT are White (Non-Hispanic) (88.5%), Two+ (Non-Hispanic) (3.3%), White (Hispanic) (2.57%), Asian (Non-Hispanic) (2.13%), and American Indian & Alaska Native (Non-Hispanic) (1.45%).

What is the number 1 industry in Montana?

Montana’s industry with the highest average annual wage is Mining, followed by Financial Activities and Construction.

How big is Lolo Montana?

9.7 mi²Lolo / Area

Is Lolo MT a good place to live?

College town – Western Montana, 25 miles from Idaho border. August, July and June are the most pleasant months in Lolo, while December and January are the least comfortable months….Best Places to Live in Lolo Rankings.

#24 Best Green Cities
#96 2005 Best Places to Live

Is Lolo Hot Springs Clothing Optional?

Back to Nature Night is a Clothing Optional night.

What is the most diverse town in Montana?

Hardin. #1 Most Diverse Places to Live in Montana.

Is Montana overpopulated?

With a sprawling land mass of 145,552.43 square miles, there are only three bigger states in the US. However, for every square mile of land, there is an average of just 6.86 people (2.65 per square kilometer) and that makes Montana the 48th most densely populated area in the country.