What is keyway stock?

What is keyway stock?

1,028 products. Key stock is a small metal block or wedge inserted between a shaft and the hub of a pulley, gear, sprocket, or other rotating power device. It provides driving torque and prevents movement. One part of the key fits into a precut slot in the shaft known as a key seat.

Is key stock high carbon steel?

Machinery keys are stocked with both ends square and manufactured from 1018 carbon steel.

What is key steel used for?

Key Steel is widely used for many general engineering applications. Typical key steel applications include taper, gibhead, plain and parallel keys.

What material is key steel?

pure carbon steel
Manufactured from pure carbon steel, key steel is manufactured in square and rectangular bars and can feature plating, a shiny finish or be a self-coloured final product.

Can you weld key stock?

Round key stock is also used as a rotating device and can be easily welded, machined, or fabricated.

What are keyways made of?

Key material

Material Brinell Hardness Notes
Austenitic stainless steel 212 Use on highly corrosive environment applications
Aluminium alloy 30
Brass (C36000) 60-80
Copper 80-110

Is key steel harder than mild steel?

Key steel is normally equivalent to EN8, ie, a medium carbon un-alloyed steel that is tougher and stronger than mild steel, but still fairly easy to machine.

What are the key stock types?

Key Stock. Choices of key stock include step, special, nonferrous, oversized, and undersized. Step key stock is used with power transmission components such as couplings, gears, sheaves, sprockets, and pulleys.

How hard is key steel?

What is key stock used for?

Key stock refers to “stock for machine keys” and is sold in one foot and three foot lengths. Material is cut-to-size in the field in support of aftermarket repairs and rebuilds. Industrial distributors and MRO operations use and sell keys stock.

What is the disadvantage of keyed joint?

Too much securely fixed keyed joint might become difficult to dismantle. Causes shaft imbalance. They introduce stress points due to the notch effect and reduce shaft strength. Possible axial displacement of hub unless locked by an extra component such as circlip or set screw.

Can you machine key steel?

How do you harden key steel?

As a bright drawn steel bar it is uncommon to harden key steel. In its supply condition key steel has an approximate tensile strength of 500 to 700N/mm2. If heat treatment is a requirement, key steel can be heat treated by conventional methods and flame or induction hardening.

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How much torque can a keyway handle?

where l, the effective length of the keyway, = 25 mm; and h, the keyway depth, = 3 mm. For the keyed shaft, Thus, 228 Nm is the maximum torque that can be transmitted before the 16-mm-diameter keyed shaft plastically deforms. Industrial applications commonly use flat keys.

Why key is used in shaft?

In mechanical engineering, a key is a machine element used to connect a rotating machine element to a shaft. The key prevents relative rotation between the two parts and may enable torque transmission.

What is the difference between keys and splines?

The main difference between splines and keys is that splines are integral with the shaft but keys are inserted between shaft and hub. As compared with one or two keys used for load transmission, there are usually four or more splines on a shaft.

What is key steel?

A bright drawn steel in square and rectangular bar, key steel is an unalloyed medium carbon steel with reasonable tensile strength. It is supplied bright drawn in flat and square sections conforming to the specification requirements of BS46 and BS4235.

Where can I buy stainless steel key stocks?

At MSC Industrial Supply, we distribute stainless steel key stocks to metalworking businesses across the USA, Canada, and Mexico. Our available stainless steel key stock options include oversized, undersized, and plain key stocks.

What is key stock made of?

Key stock can be made from steels that possess different strengths. Most carbon and some types of stainless steels can have their strengths increased through heat treatment. A designer must know the calculated or actual strength of the key stock to ensure that it will withstand the operating pressures applied in service.

What is step key stock used for?

Also known as offset key stock, use step keys to repair keyways in gears and shafts. A rounded bottom allows these keys to rock in their seat to relieve stress on the shaft caused by vibration or misalignment. Cut this 12″ stock to the length you need.