What is HemCon bandage?

What is HemCon bandage?

The HemCon® Bandage is a sterile chitosan based dressing intended for use for the external temporary control of severely bleeding wounds intended for emergency use. In addition, the HemCon® Bandage also controls bleeding in patients following hemodialysis.

What is the main ingredient used in the HemCon bandage to stop bleeding?

The magic ingredient in the HemCon bandage is chitosan, a complex carbohydrate polymer that creates a weblike surface which helps to instantly stop blood loss.

How do you use Celox Gauze?

Follow these steps when applying Celox gauze:

  1. Identify catastrophic external hemorrhage.
  2. Expose the wound.
  3. Identify the point of bleeding and apply direct pressure.
  4. Swab excess blood.
  5. Pack onto the source of bleeding.
  6. Apply firm pressure for 3 minutes or until bleeding stops.

What is wound stat?

Wound Clinic OMNI-STAT® is a topical temporary external hemostat that helps rapidly and safely stop bleeding. It is effective for patients using common anti-coagulant drugs (Millner, 2010, Koksal, 2011 & Data on file).

What is HemCon made of?

About the HemCon Bandage HemCon hemostatic bandages and dressings (HemCon Medical Technologies Inc., Portland, OR) are composed of chitosan, a naturally occurring, biocompatible polysaccharide derived from shrimp shells. The chitosan is processed, lyophilized (freeze-dried), into bandages and then sterilized.

When should you not apply a hemostatic dressing?

Severe wounds of the limbs, shoulders and hips. Contraindications: 1. Wounds of the abdomen, chest, or open skull fractures.

How do you remove Celox?

Remove as much of the gel like clot as possible by hand, then irrigate the wound with water or saline. In cases of minor bleeding Celox can be removed once the wound has stabilized. This can be as short as 10 minutes. Irrigate with water or saline.

Can you leave QuikClot on a wound?

The QuikClot Hemostatic Dressing must not remain in the wound for longer than 24 hours. Avoid contact with eyes. Reuse will cause risk of infection and loss of efficacy. The QuikClot Hemostatic Dressing must be applied to the actual source of the bleeding.

When should hemostatic dressings be used?

Hemostatic dressings are a valuable adjunct in external hemorrhage control when the source of bleeding is a location not amenable to tourniquet placement, such as in junctional regions (ie, neck, axilla, and groin).

When do you use haemostatic dressing?

They are ideal for heavily bleeding wounds of the abdomen and torso, or of the junctions, such as the groin and shoulders where pressure dressings may not be so easy to apply. For bleeding wounds on the arms or legs, you can use either a tourniquet or a haemostatic dressing, or a combination of both.

What is HemCon bandage pro?

The HemCon ® Bandage PRO is a wound dressing manufactured from chitosan that controls bleeding caused by extreme trauma.

What are the dimensions of the hcm1004h HemCon bandage?

HCM1004 Hemcon Pro Bandage, Patch, 1.5″ x 1.5″ 100/CS Stock Allocated QTY: / Remaining QTY: / Allocation Reset Date: HCM1004H Hemcon Bandage, Patch, 1.5″ x 1.5″

Who is the manufacturer of hemostatic pro bandages?

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