What is FX Concept K-pop?

What is FX Concept K-pop?

f(x) (에프엑스; pronounced “Effects”) is a Korean pop girl group created by SM Entertainment. The group has been given the title of “Asia Pop Dance Group” by their label and are touted as a multinational group since f(x) consists of members from China, the United States, and South Korea.

Why is FX called FX K-pop?

f(x) is a 5 member girl group from South Korea. The band’s name is a play on the mathematical notation for function and when input with different ‘x’, there can be many different outcomes. f(x) strives to be the kind of girl group that can change and adapt to many situations.

Who is fx leader K-pop?


Name Position(s) Year(s) active
Victoria (빅토리아) Leader, Main Dancer, Lead Rapper, Vocalist, Visual 2009–2019
Amber (엠버) Main Rapper, Vocalist 2009–2019
Luna (루나) Main Vocalist, Lead Dancer 2009–2019
Krystal (크리스탈) Lead Vocalist, Visual, Center, Maknae 2009–2019

Did K-pop group FX disband?

On April 9, 2021, SM announced Victoria’s contract with them had expired. On April 23, 2021, during a review video of her activities from debut to present, Luna expressed confusion over f(x) being referred to in the past tense, stating that the group had not yet disbanded.

What are FX fans called?

Seven years after their debut the band got their official fandom name: “MeU” (미유). Along with the literal meaning of “me” and “you” implying f(x)’s love for their fans and conversely, it also refers to the mathematical “mu” (μ), relating to the group’s name.

What are T ara fans called?

To celebrate T-ara’s sweeping victory in Billboard’s 2015 Fan Army Face-Off, take a look at seven key interactions between the K-pop girl group and their fiercely dedicated fanbase known as the Queen’s. The girls have topped the charts around the world, but what clearly matters the most to them is their fans.

Is FX popular in Korea?

Madeleine: Among fans in South Korea and abroad, f(x) have a reputation as underdogs, when in reality they’re quite popular—their singles always win on the weekly music show circuit and their members are individually known to the public, which is more than can be said for the majority of idol groups.

Why did Krystal leave FX?

f(x)’s Krystal has officially parted ways with SM Entertainment and joined a new agency. On October 12, H& Entertainment announced that Krystal had signed an exclusive contract with the company following the expiration of her contract with her longtime agency SM Entertainment in late August.

What is FX fandom name?

What is V.I.P in K-pop?

“V.I.P” stands for “very important person”. Given how important fans are to K-Pop groups, it’s quite sweet that BIGBANG deems their fandom to all be “very important people”!

What is TXT fandom colour?

You may remember that each member of TXT debuted with a specific color. Yeonjun and Soobin were yellow themed. HueningKai and Taehyun were red themed. and finally, Beomgyu was orange themed.

Did Luna leave SM Entertainment?

In 2016, she released her debut extended play Free Somebody, making her the second f(x) member after Amber to debut as a solo artist. In September 2019, Luna left SM Entertainment and joined Humap Contents for her future solo activities.

Does FX have a lightstick?

since f(x) doesn’t have an official light stick.