What is exclamatory utterance?

What is exclamatory utterance?

of utterances often called EXCLAMATIVES. The term EXCLAMATIVE is often used to refer to a specific. sentence/clause type on par with the three clause types DECLARATIVES, INTERROGATIVES and. IMPERATIVES, while other linguists consider the exclamative to be a minor sentence/clause type.

What is an exclamation example?

An exclamatory sentence makes a statement that conveys strong emotion or excitement. Placing that tiny stripe above a period at the end of a sentence can really rock the boat! For example: “I got the concert tickets!”

What is this word exclamatory?

Definition of exclamatory : containing, expressing, using, or relating to exclamation an exclamatory phrase.

How do you use exclamation in a sentence?

How to use Exclamation in a sentence

  1. If Alex was a big question mark right now, Jonathan was an exclamation point.
  2. She turned, uttering an exclamation that came from nowhere.
  3. But to borrow Mr.
  4. His stunned look was accompanied by Jade’s alarmed exclamation.

What are 10 examples of exclamatory sentences?

Here are some examples of exclamatory sentences:

  • You were meant to be back yesterday!
  • Jeepers! You scared the life out of me!
  • We won!
  • This puzzle is driving me up the wall!
  • You’re adorable!
  • It’s a boy!
  • I’m really going to miss this place!

How do you teach an exclamatory sentence?

The sentence must contain a verb and ends at an exclamation mark. Another rule you must remember in writing an exclamatory sentence is… If the noun in your sentence is plural than your best choice is to start a sentence with What instead of How. What can also be used in singular form? (What hardworking child he is!).

What are 5 examples of exclamatory sentences?

What are 5 example of exclamatory sentence?

What is the function of an exclamative sentence?

exclamative sentence The speaker believes:
What a mess you’ve made! You’ve made one hell of a mess!
What a handsome man he is! He is an extremely handsome man.
How disgusting it was! It was totally disgusting.

What are 20 examples of exclamatory sentence?

20 Examples of Exclamatory Sentence

  • I am extremely sorry for your loss!
  • Hoorah! We won the match.
  • Congratulations! You have a baby girl.
  • You’re so romantic!
  • Oh no! We lost him.
  • Jesus! I felt scared.
  • I can’t believe it! You’re here in Los Angeles.
  • You are supposed to be a joker!

What are 10 exclamatory examples?

What are 10 example of exclamatory?

What is the rule of exclamatory sentences?

The rules for exclamatory sentences can be explained in two parts: First, an exclamatory sentence must end in an exclamation point in order to communicate in writing that you’re expressing a strong emotion. Second, an exclamatory sentences must be a complete sentence.

What is an exclamatory sentence?

a sentence containing an exclamation or strong emphasis: “Oh, no!” and “What a large dog!” are exclamatory sentences. SMART Vocabulary: related words and phrases.

What are 100 examples of exclamatory sentences?

100 Exclamatory Sentences Examples

  • High voltage! Do not touch!
  • How beautiful this city is!
  • He is such a kind person!
  • But don’t forget what I said!
  • You are such a liar!
  • What a cute squirrel cub!
  • What an idea!
  • Hurray, we won the match!

What is the meaning of exclamatory phrase?

Definition of exclamatory. : containing, expressing, using, or relating to exclamation. an exclamatory phrase.

Why do people overuse exclamatory sentences?

They are meant to be forceful and create a particular tone. When exclamatory sentences are overused, the tone does not change. Furthermore, overused exclamatory sentences make the exclamation seem illegitimate because every other sentence is an exclamation. Used inappropriately: I am exhausted! I had such a long day at work!

What is an exclamatory sentence that has no question mark?

could be an exclamatory sentence because nowadays it is often used as a synonym for “No way!”.) Where’s the dog! (This is an interrogative sentence (i.e., a question), but there is no question mark because the need to express emotion trumps the need to highlight it as a question. Unless you’re texting your mates, don’t use “?!” or “!?”.)

What is an example of exclamatory punctuation?

Recent Examples on the Web Were this a Western film, Toey would be exclamatory, insistent, while Nohng might cry or look away, blushing, as music swells in the background. — The New Yorker, 10 Jan. 2022 These were signature moves, a star making exclamatory punctuation of his being, carrying himself in cursive.