What is draft control sensing on tractor?

What is draft control sensing on tractor?

A draft control system of the type in which a mechanical spring is employed to balance the draft forces of an implement trailed behind the tractor so as to correct the working depth of the implement in accordance with changes in draft forces, in which the feature is the use of a hydraulic force-amplifying device to …

What is automatic depth and draft control in tractor?

An Automatic Depth and Draft Control System (ADDC) 100 involves sensing forces acting on an implement trailing a farm vehicle due to irregular ground conditions and accordingly controlling depth and draft of the implement based on feedback received from the implements.

What is the difference between draft control and position control?

Position control :This will control the working depth of 3-point hitch mounted implement regardless of the amount of pull required. Draft control: This will control the pull of the 3-point implement.

What is tractor hydraulic system?

It is a mechanism in a tractor to raise, hold or lower of mounted or semi-mounted equipments by hydraulic means. All tractors are equipped with hydraulic control system for operating three-point hitch of the tractor.

Who invented draft control?

Harry Ferguson
It was Harry Ferguson, a son of an Irish farmer, who invented in 1925 the so called “draft-control” for the plough. The principle of his idea is still used and it is one of the most successful inventions of the agricultural engineering history.

What is a Rockshaft control lever?

The rockshaft position control lever (A) raises the hitch. when pulled rearward, and lowers the hitch when moved. forward.

How hydraulics work on a tractor?

The hydraulic pump draws up oil from the oil reservoir and sends it to the control valve under high pressure. From there, the oil goes to the hydraulic cylinder to operate the piston which in turn raises the lifting arms. The hydraulic pump is operated by suitable gears that are connected with the engine.

What is position control in tractor?

Position control: In this system, constant depth of ploughing is maintained by automatic adjustment of draft of tractor. In this system the control valve can be operated directly by the driver to raise lower or hold an implement, mounted on the linkage at any chosen height.

What is tractor electrical system?

The electric power generation system is driven by V-belt, which gets drive from the crankshaft. It converts mechanical energy obtained from engine into electrical energy. Its main function is to recharge the battery. It also supplies electric current to the other accessories when engine is running.

What is float mode on a tractor?

Float mode lets you drag a bucket of material without mixing surface material with stockpile material or gouging the floor. This puts less wear on the bucket than exerting down pressure with the hydraulic system and allows the bucket to skim over the contours of the material.

What is a 3 point on a tractor?

Three-point hitches are made up of three movable arms. The two lower arms (the hitch lifting arms) are controlled by the hydraulic system. They provide lifting, lowering, and even tilting to the arms. The upper center arm (the top link) can be moved, but it is not usually powered by the tractor’s hydraulic system.

What does Rockshaft mean?

Definition of rockshaft : a shaft that oscillates on its journals instead of revolving.