What is caspio used for?

What is caspio used for?

Caspio empowers you to create custom business applications without writing code and enhance them with standards-based extensibility. Manage data, digitize workflows and automate processes in the cloud by clicking — not coding.

What is Caspio Bridge?

Caspio Bridge is a cloud software and platform service for building scalable Web databases, forms and enterprise-scale, database powered applications. Caspio Bridge enables the development of database-driven Web and software applications without the need for programming at the user’s end.

Why is caspio?

If you value unparalleled features, performance and scalability, then check out Caspio — the best Zoho Creator alternative. Unlike Zoho Creator, Caspio never charges for users. This allows you to scale up your apps without worrying about costs scaling out of control. Caspio provides unlimited users with every plan!

Is caspio cloud based?

Caspio is a cloud-based, no-code, application development solution for organizations of all sizes.

What database does caspio use?

Microsoft SQL Server
Caspio’s integrated online database is built on Microsoft SQL Server. As a Microsoft Gold Partner, Caspio provides unparalleled database performance, governance and security features such as audit trail and data encryption at rest.

What language does caspio use?

Custom Scripting Caspio makes it easy to customize your apps by inserting standard scripting languages such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript and Microsoft SQL.

Does caspio use SQL?

Caspio’s integrated online database is built on Microsoft SQL Server.

How do I create a form in Caspio?

Steps to Create a Submission Form:

  1. On Caspio homepage, select an app or create a new app.
  2. DataPage Data Source.
  3. Select Fields.
  4. Configure Fields.
  5. On the Rules tab, you can define conditional behavior to hide, show, require or disable fields based on specific criteria.
  6. Same Form – displays the same form.

How can I create an online database for free?

Online Database Free

  1. grubba. nat – the free online datbase for home and office.
  2. – free online databaase creators.
  3. – free online database software.
  4. – simple online database.
  5. – simple online database.
  6. – crm solution that includes a free database to build online apps.

Is there a free version of Caspio?

Use Caspio’s Powerful Database Creator. for Free! Caspio’s free online database platform allows you to create database-driven apps in a fraction of the time versus traditional coding.

How long is caspio free trial?

for 14 days
A free trial lets you try a full-featured version of Caspio for 14 days, whereas a free account is limited in features and resources, but never expires. If you’re not sure which is right for you, start with a free trial because you can always convert it to a free account at the end of the evaluation period.

Which database is best for SQL?

List of the Best SQL Database Software:

  • #1) InterBase.
  • #2) Microsoft SQL.
  • #3) Database Performance Analyzer.
  • #4) MySQL.
  • #5) PostgreSQL.
  • #6) MongoDB.
  • #7) OrientDB.
  • #8) MariaDB.

What can you do with Caspio CRM?

Keep tabs on customer journeys and improve conversion metrics with Caspio’s FREE custom CRM app! Allow your team to monitor sales transactions in a centralized online database. This ready-made template provides you with essential tools to track unlimited reps and customers.

What is Caspio?

Caspio’s all-in-one platform provides everything you need to build sophisticated cloud applications — all packaged in a simple monthly subscription that automatically scales as your needs grow. Caspio’s point-and-click tools enable you to develop apps 10-20x faster than traditional methods.

What certifications does Caspio have?

Caspio is designed to meet industry, regional and regulatory requirements for storing sensitive data. The infrastructure runs on AWS data centers certified for SOC 2, PCI DSS Level 1 and ISO 27001/27017/27018, as well as HIPAA compliance for protecting health information and FERPA compliance in the education sector.

Is Caspio GovCloud secure?

Our GovCloud Edition meets the security and cryptographic standards for government agencies to store sensitive but unclassified information. Caspio provides all the necessary security safeguards for you to process PCI-compliant payment transactions in real-time.