What is another word for a triangle shape?

What is another word for a triangle shape?

In this page you can discover 20 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for triangle, like: pyramid, triangular, pyriform, trigon, deltoid, trigonal, triangulum, deltoidal, trilateral, rhombus and set-square.

What does triangular shaped mean?

Triangles have two meanings depending on their position. When pointing up, they represent stability and power, when pointing down they become unstable. The triangle is primarily a masculine shape, but when inverted it also represents female reproduction.

What does a triangular mean?

1 : having three angles, sides, or corners a triangular sign. 2 : of, relating to, or involving three parts or persons. triangular. noun. tri·​an·​gu·​lar | \ trī-ˈaŋ-gyə-lər \

What is a synonym for triangular trade?

triangular trade > synonyms »merchanting n. 1. »triangular traffic system exp. 0. »traffic system exp.

What shape is a triangle?

A triangle is a closed, 2-dimensional shape with 3 sides, 3 angles, and 3 vertices. A triangle is also a polygon. The above figure is a triangle denoted as △ABC. Some real-life examples of triangles include sandwiches, traffic signs, cloth hangers, and a rack in billiards.

What does the triangle symbol mean in economics?

delta symbol (triangle) = the change in units. Marginal cost is the increase in total cost as a result of a change in output of a good by one unit.

What do two triangles symbolize?

Three points and three sides to every triangle, some say that each side holds a different sort of trinity. A trinity is a Christian Godhead, one God in three forms. This is often the Father, Son, and the Holy Ghost. Some people decide to get the double triangle as a subtle way of showing faith in their religion.

What is triangular based pyramid?

A triangular pyramid is a pyramid which has a triangular base. In geometry, vertices are essentially corners. All triangular-based pyramids, either regular or irregular, have four vertices. Triangular-based pyramids have 6 edges, 3 are along the base and 3 are extending up from the base.

Why was it called a triangular trade?

It was called the triangular trade because of the triangular shape that the three legs of the journey made. The first leg was the journey from Europe to Africa where goods were exchanged for slaves. The second, or middle, leg of the journey was the transportation of slaves to the Americas.

What are two synonyms for the word trade?

synonyms for trade

  • business.
  • commerce.
  • contract.
  • deal.
  • enterprise.
  • exchange.
  • industry.
  • market.

What does angle mean in geometry?

Angle Definition in Maths In Plane Geometry, a figure which is formed by two rays or lines that shares a common endpoint is called an angle. The word “angle” is derived from the Latin word “angulus”, which means “corner”. The two rays are called the sides of an angle, and the common endpoint is called the vertex.

What is this triangle called?

A triangle with all sides equal is called equilateral, a triangle with two sides equal is called isosceles, and a triangle with all sides a different length is called scalene. A triangle can be simultaneously right and isosceles, in which case it is known as an isosceles right triangle.

What do you call these triangles?

A triangle that has one right angle is called a right triangle. A triangle that has one obtuse angle is called an obtuse triangle. When a triangle has three congruent sides, we call the triangle an equilateral triangle. We mark the congruent sides by a slash mark. The angles in an equilateral triangle are always 60°.

What does an inverted triangle mean?

The inverted triangle represents our yield sign. Yield means you must give the right of way to other road users. Yield signs also mean that a driver may proceed without stopping – provided that it is safe to do so. Less common to see is a regular triangle shape with the same configuration of colours as the yield sign.

What are the most common types of triangular signs?

Due to sign shape, which limits the amount of text that is displayed, many triangular signs just use black images of road configurations. Some of the most common include the following: Crossroad (cross to indicate intersection) T Junction (T-shape, signaling the road ends at an intersection)

What does a triangle on a road sign mean?

What Does a Triangle Shape Mean on Road Signs? Triangle-shaped signs which you see along roadways will always mean Yield, and they are easily identifiable, because they’re always upside down, with the point of the triangle pointing toward the ground. All sides of the triangle are equal, and the placard will generally either be colored red

What are some other words for Triangle?

other words for triangle. MOST RELEVANT. adultery. affair. courtship. dalliance. devotion. fling. flirtation.

What is the symbolism of triangle?

As we have seen, the triangle is an important shape loaded with symbolism and represents the number three, which is also one of the most significant numbers – so now let’s look at the symbolism of triangles in more depth.