What is an example of buffoonery?

What is an example of buffoonery?

the behavior of a person who does silly things, usually to make other people laugh: Her performance was sheer buffoonery. His buffoonery was becoming tiresome. See.

What does buffoonery mean definition?

foolish or playful behavior
Definition of buffoonery : foolish or playful behavior or practice.

What does the expression tomfoolery mean?

playful or foolish behavior
Definition of tomfoolery : playful or foolish behavior.

What is another word for buffoonery?

When buffoonery refers to immature joking around, some synonyms include shenanigans, tomfoolery, clowning, antics, and high jinks. The word horseplay can mean something similar, but it often involves playing rough (roughhousing).

Is a buffoon a monkey?

Baboons are primates comprising the genus Papio, one of the 23 genera of Old World monkeys. There are six species of baboon: the hamadryas baboon, the Guinea baboon, the olive baboon, the yellow baboon, the Kinda baboon and the chacma baboon.

What is the synonym of Calumniate?

Some common synonyms of calumniate are asperse, defame, malign, slander, traduce, and vilify. While all these words mean “to injure by speaking ill of,” calumniate imputes malice to the speaker and falsity to the assertions.

How do you use tomfoolery in a sentence?

How to use Tomfoolery in a sentence

  1. I don’t do much aimless InterWeb tomfoolery anymore.
  2. I regret I permitted myself to be a party to such tomfoolery.
  3. They particularly enjoy the clown scenes, when much tomfoolery and satire take place.

Where did the expression Tom Foolery come from?

It was from Thomas, The Fool, Skelton’s behavior that the cliché ‘tom-foolery’ originated. Thomas Skelton was the ‘Fool’ or Jester of Muncaster Castle and spent many hours of his time sitting under this tree. When a traveller passed by he would speak with them and decide whether or not he liked them.

How do you use buffoon in a sentence?

Buffoon sentence example He has a keen sense of humor without becoming a buffoon . Dave, Barry S Wales Prescott is a bumbling buffoon . When they have a complete buffoon as prime minister, the combination is explosive.

What is a antonym of buffoon?

noun. ( bəˈfuːn) A person who amuses others by ridiculous behavior. Antonyms. keep humorless wise undeceive. goof motley fool.

Is buffoon a swear word?

(pejorative) An unintentionally ridiculous person. One who acts in a silly or ridiculous fashion; a clown or fool. To behave like a buffoon.

What do you call someone who Backbites?

Spiteful or malevolent in nature or manner. Damaging to someone’s reputation, especially if untrue. Behaving or prone to behave in an untrustworthy, deceitful, or insincere way. Ill-tempered and prone to nagging.

What does it mean to calumniate someone?

Definition of calumniate transitive verb. 1 : to utter maliciously false statements, charges, or imputations about. 2 : to injure the reputation of by calumny.

Who invented the word tomfoolery?

Who is tomfoolery probably?

Tomos Roberts
Tomos Roberts (Tomfoolery) is a spoken-word poet and filmmaker, born in New Zealand to Welsh parents.

Where does the saying for two pins come from?

for two ˈpins (old-fashioned, British English) used to say that you would like to do something, even though you know that it would not be sensible: I spend so much money on this car. For two pins I’d sell it.

Where does the expression pin money come from?

Pin money is often used to describe wages that someone earns on the side to supplement his income, in order to afford small splurges. Interestingly, pin money is a term that dates from the 1500s and originally was used to mean the household money used to buy necessities.

What is an antonym for buffoon?

Is buffoonery a real word?

Buffoonery means acting like a clown. Notice how buffoon sounds like puff? Well, they’re related. Buffare is an Italian word meaning “puff out the cheeks,” which is apparently something that Italian court jesters, or buffoons, liked to do in the 1700s.

What does the Bible say about back biting?

Proverbs 25:23, the verse that specifically uses the word backbiting, paints a vivid picture of how people respond to a gossip. Just as a cold north wind brings rain, so a tongue given to backbiting will bring angry looks from the victims of the gossip.

What do you mean by buffoonery?

silly, foolish, or unseemly behavior:It’s hard to top the current governor’s race if you like your politics laced with outrageous buffoonery. QUIZ YOURSELF ON AFFECT VS.

What is the root word of buffoon?

A ludicrous or bumbling person; a fool. [French bouffon, from Old Italian buffone, from buffa, jest, from buffare, to puff, of imitative origin .] buf·foon′er·y (bə-fo͞o′nə-rē) n.

Was buffoonery really expelled from the court?

Buffoonery was not entirely expelled [86] from his otherwise grave court. Others of them, however, exhibited in the midst of much rough-and-tumble fighting and buffoonery, a slight thread of dramatic action.

What are the characteristics of buffoonery in Macbeth?

The play swings from absurd buffoonery to high tragedy, with kinetic physicality, silliness, swords, and live music. coarse or undignified joking:The managers perceived my buffoonery as a barely concealed way of calling them pretentious—and they weren’t altogether wrong.