What is a Woodruff cutter?

What is a Woodruff cutter?

Woodruff Cutter. Woodruff cutters are used to cut the keyway for a woodruff key. Woodruff cutters are slightly hollow ground on the sides for relief and the teeth are not side cutting. The teeth come in both straight and staggered varieties.

What is a Keyseat cutter used for?

Keyseat Cutters, also known as Woodruff Cutters, Keyway Cutters, and T-Slot Cutters, are commonly used in machine shops. Many machinists opt to use this tool to put a slot on the side of a part in an efficient manner, rather than rotating the workpiece and using a traditional end mill.

What is a keyway cutter?

Keyseat cutters, also called woodruff cutters, keyway cutters, and T-slot cutters, are a type of cutting tool used frequently by many machinists – some operations are impractical or even impossible without one.

What is the difference between a Keyseat and a keyway?

Key, Keyway, and Keyseat Usually the term keyseat is referred as a groove or pocket on a shaft, and a keyway is a slot in a hub in which the key fits into. The complete system is called a keyed joint (Figure 2). Keys are made of varied types of materials, and also come in different shapes and sizes.

What is a saddle key?

Definition of saddle key : a key for securing a member to a machine shaft that fits into a keyway in the secured member and is concave to grip the shaft by friction — compare flat key, sunk key.

What are Half Moon keys?

A woodruff key, also known as a half‑moon key, is a semi-circular machine shaft key that prevents gears, hubs, or other components from moving independently of a rotating shaft or spindle. Woodruff keys are inserted into a key seat created by a woodruff key cutter or arbor cutter.

What tool is used to cut a keyways?

A key cutter, also known as a keyseat cutter, keyway cutter, or woodruff cutter, is a versatile tool that can be used to cut several different types of keyways.

Which chisel is used for cutting keyways?

cape chisels
Cross-cut or cape chisels: These are used for cutting keyways, grooves, and slots.

What is a Kennedy key?

[′ken·ə·dē ‚kē] (design engineering) A square taper key fitted into a keyway of square section and driven from opposite ends of the hub.

What is feather key?

Definition of feather key in machinery. : a sunk key without taper that is permanently fixed in one of the connected pieces and that is a sliding fit in a keyway in the other so as to permit relative longitudinal motion. — called also spline.

What is cape chisel?

Definition of cape chisel : a cold chisel that has a long taper on the top and bottom of the cutting end and a narrow edge and is used for cutting keyways and similar flat grooves.

What is cold chisel made of?

A cold chisel is a tool made of tempered steel used for cutting ‘cold’ metals, meaning that they are not used in conjunction with heating torches, forges, etc.