What is a washdown pump on a boat?

What is a washdown pump on a boat?

A washdown pump system is exactly what it sounds like: a water supply and a pump. The pump draws in external seawater (or raw water) via a thru-hull and pumps it up above deck, where a hose is connected to clean off your boat after every use.

How many amps does a washdown pump draw?

A washdown pump can draw 10 amps or more, which can dangerously overload a lighting circuit. The safest course is a dedicated circuit with a new fuse or breaker in the main electrical panel.

How many GPM is a washdown pump?

3.0 Gallons per Minute
3.0 GPM Washdown Pump, 12V

Amperage 8 Amps at 12 Volts
Capacity 3.0 Gallons per Minute
Diameter 3/4 Inch
Dimensions 4.25″ Width x 4.75″ Height x 9″ Length
Material Polypropylene EPDM Valves Santoprene Diaphragm

How do you install a raw water washdown?

Locate and mount the washdown pump in a dry location in the bilge up to six feet from the raw-water intake, but be sure to allow sufficient room to place the raw-water strainer on the inlet side of the pump. For extra-quiet operation, insert a 1/8- to ¼-inch rubber gasket between the pump and the bulkhead.

How does a seacock work?

A seacock is a valve on the hull of a boat or a ship, permitting water to flow into the vessel, such as for cooling an engine or for a salt water faucet; or out of the boat, such as for a sink drain or a toilet. Seacocks are often a Kingston valve.

What does raw water washdown mean?

From washing off mud to rinsing away fish scales, a raw water washdown could be just the thing your boat needs. This shows the general arrangement for a saltwater washdown. If this was being used on a fishing boat, the pump would be sited farther aft. ( Photo: ©2019 Mirto Art Studio)

What is the difference between a seacock and a ball valve?

Ball Valves operate with a quarter turn similar to a seacock, but are not designed to be attached directly to a thru-hull fitting. Most ball valves feature NPT (tapered) threads on both ends and are compatible only with tapered pipe fittings.

Should a seacock be open or closed?

What is not in doubt is that all seacocks below the waterline should definitely be closed when the boat is unattended for anything other than short periods. Cockpit drains shouls always be open of course.

What is a raw water pump?

Raw-water pump This pump does the bulk of the engine’s cooling. It draws raw water (this may be seawater, fresh water or whatever mixture of the two the boat is floating in) into the engine’s open or raw-water cooling circuit using a rubber impeller. The impeller and its weaknesses are well understood.

Should hulls be bonded?

Yes any medal through hulls need to be grounded to the boats bonding system. always “green wire” bonded mine to a dedicated bonding zinc located below the waterline.

When should I replace my hulls?

You can check the thru hulls first when scraping the paint from the metal and if it looks golden and not pink, it is in good shape. If the metal is pink, the thru hull fitting should be replaced immediately, since the metal has no strength and is ready to fail.

Do boat washdown kits work with fresh or saltwater?

We offer a full range of boat washdown kits, equipment and deck fittings that work with fresh or saltwater. Marine washdown pumps are easy to install and use fresh or saltwater (whatever your boat is in) to wash anything on deck.

What is an aqua jet wash down kit?

A wash down kit including Aqua Jet Wash Down/Livewell Pump kit that makes it easy to add a wash down and livewell pump to any boat. This product is made of high-quality…

What is a washdown system on a boat?

A washdown system is an effective means allowing you to keep your boat’s deck clean. Whether you need to remove mud, wash off fish scales, or rinse away other contaminants, pressurized raw water supplied through a hoses and nozzle can be exactly what you need to clean up the deck.

What kind of pump do you put on a boat wash down?

A wash down kit including Aqua Jet Wash Down/Livewell Pump kit that makes it easy to add a wash down and livewell pump to any boat. This product is made of high-quality… Aqua Jet WD 12 V 240 GPH Electric Diaphragm Washdown Pump Kit by Johnson Pump®.