What is a torchiere bulb?

What is a torchiere bulb?

A torchiere lamp is a tall, thin floor lamp topped with an inverted shade that directs light toward the ceiling. There are several types of torchiere lamps, ranging from traditional to contemporary designs. The word “torchiere” is a variation on the French word torchère, which means a tall candelabrum.

Does GE still make fluorescent bulbs?

GE is breaking up with compact fluorescent lamps. This year, GE will cease production of its coiled compact fluorescent lamps (CFLs) for the U.S. market and instead focus its consumer lighting efforts on LED lamps.

Are halogen torchiere lamps safe?

According to CPSC, the halogen bulbs in these lamps can cause fires. CPSC is aware of at least 189 fires and 11 deaths since 1992 involving halogen torchiere floor lamps.

What are the lights on the floor called?

A torchiere is one of the most popular and recognizable floor lamps, identifiable by its upright, torch-like shape with the lighting fixture pointing upward at the end of a column. The name is derived from the French word for “torch.”

Can you put a floor lamp next to a TV?

Behind or beside your TV Placing a floor lamp next to or behind your TV might not be an obvious choice, but a lamp here reduces glare and eye strain. Casting a soft light behind or beside your TV creates contrast, especially in a dark room when other light sources are off.

Is GE current the same as GE?

In April 2019, GE announced it had completed the sale of its Current, powered by GE business unit to American Industrial Partners (AIP), a New York-based private equity firm.

What happened to GE light bulbs?

For the first time in its nearly 130-year history, General Electric will no longer be making and selling lightbulbs. GE is selling its lighting business to Savant Systems.

Are sun lamps a fire hazard?

But, as illustrated by these accident reports from the files of the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, the heat they generate can make them a fire hazard. The agency has received reports of two deaths and more than 30 fires associated with these lamps since they were introduced in 1983.

Do floor lamps catch fire?

Since torchiere floor lamps use halogen bulbs, which can get much hotter than regular bulbs, they pose a risk for the following dangers: Fire hazard – torchiere floor lamps caused 11 deaths and more than 189 fires before 2004, the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission has reported.

What type of floor lamp is brightest?

The Overall Best Floor Lamp For Bright Light With more than 16,000 reviews, this LED floor lamp is one of the most popular lighting finds on Amazon. The lamp has a flexible gooseneck so you can adjust its angle as needed, and it produces a cool, white light with brightness levels ranging from 850 to 950 lumens.

Can you put a floor lamp behind a couch?

Y Lighting likes using floor lamps behind sectional couches because they are versatile, portable and easy to install. They also take up little space and can fit behind furniture. Some are made with movable components, so you can shine the light right where you need it most.

How many lamps should you have in a living room?

If all of this seems complicated, a good rule of thumb is to have 4 lighting sources in a room to produce adequate lighting.

Who Owns current from GE?

American Industrial PartnersGE Current / Parent organization

How large is GE Current?

Current: According to LEDs Magazine, Current’s parent company, American Industrial Partners (AIP) cited Current’s revenue as $880 million in late 2019. Earlier in 2019, AIP cited Current’s revenue as $940 million. Today, AIP cites Current’s revenue as $630 million and the employee count is 1405.

Is GE still in business?

In 2018, GE—the last original component of the DJIA—was dropped from the index, after years of poor performance and declining revenues. In 2021, the conglomerate announced plans to split into three independent companies specializing in aircraft engines, medical equipment, and power turbines.