What is a slight chance?

What is a slight chance?

Anything slight is very small. There’s a slight chance you’ll run into a celebrity in New York City — in other words, don’t count on it. A slight is also an insult, like giving someone the cold shoulder.

What do you mean by slight?

Definition of slight (Entry 1 of 3) 1a : having a slim or delicate build : not stout or massive in body. b : lacking in strength or substance : flimsy, frail. c : deficient in weight, solidity, or importance : trivial a slight movie. 2 : small of its kind or in amount a slight chance a slight odor of gas.

What does too slight mean?

Slight, disregard, neglect, overlook mean to pay no attention or too little attention to someone or something. To slight is to give only superficial attention to something important: to slight one’s work.

What is slight in a sentence?

A slight smile touched the corners of his mouth. He walked with a slight limp and his gaunt frame was gangly. She smiled and nodded with a slight blush. Gabriel put the gems away and looked up to see her slight frame standing beside the sarcophagus.

What do you call a slight or no chance?

hundred-to-one shot. little chance. long odds. lucky shot. off-chance.

What is a slight change?

A slight change in activity, such as standing up from a chair, caused a small amount of data to be transmitted.

What is the synonym of slight?

small, modest, little, tiny, minute, inappreciable, imperceptible, infinitesimal, hardly worth mentioning, negligible, inconsiderable, insignificant, minimal, marginal. remote, scant, slim, outside. faint, vague, subtle, gentle. informal minuscule.

Does slight mean insult?

As a noun, slight means “a snub or insult,” and you can also use this word as a verb when someone does the snubbing or insulting.

How do you say low chance?

little chance

  1. also-ran.
  2. long shot.
  3. sleeper.
  4. underdog.
  5. hundred-to-one shot.
  6. improbability.
  7. little opportunity.
  8. outside chance.

How do you describe low chance?

“But there’s very little chance for advancement unless you’re one of the elite.” Find more words!…What is another word for very little chance?

fat chance chance in a million
no way poor outlook
poor possibility poor prospect
slim chance small chance
snowball’s chance in hell unthinkable

What is the word for changing slightly?

modify. verb. to change something slightly, especially in order to improve it or to make it less extreme.

What does ever so slightly mean?

only by a very small amount
Definition of ever so slightly : only by a very small amount The snake moved ever so slightly.

What word means soft or slight?

comfortable, comfy, creamy, delicate, easy, elastic, flexible, fluffy, mushy, plastic, pliable, rounded, silky, smooth, spongy, supple, thin, velvety, bland, cool.

What is the synonym of slightly?

1’she felt slightly ill at ease’ a little, a bit, somewhat, rather, moderately, to some degree, to a certain extent, to a slight extent, faintly, vaguely, obscurely. marginally, a shade. informal sort of, kind of, kinda, ish.

Does slight mean lots or few?

slight adjective (SMALL IN AMOUNT) not great in size, amount, etc.

What does fat chance mean?

Very little or no possibility
Very little or no possibility, as in A fact chance he has of coming in first, or You think they’ll get married? Fat chance! A related expression is a fat lot, meaning “very little or none at all,” as in A fat lot of good it will do her.

What does it mean to be slighted by someone?

verb (used with object) to treat as of little importance. to treat (someone) with indifference; ignore, especially pointedly or contemptuously; snub: to be slighted by society.

Is it sleight chance or slight chance?

Sleight is mainly found as a noun, and can refer either to a deceitful kind of craftiness, or to skill and dexterity. “Is the correct phrase sleight chance or slight chance?” “If you are referring to such things as your chances of winning the lottery the word you need is slight.

What is the meaning of slight?

1 : to treat as slight or unimportant : make light of. 2 : to treat with disdain or indifference slight a guest. 3 : to perform or attend to carelessly and inadequately don’t slight your work.

What is the difference between slight and slender?

While all these words mean “not thick, broad, abundant, or dense,” slight implies smallness as well as thinness. When is slender a more appropriate choice than slight?

Is it sleight of hand or slight of hand?

Is it slight or sleight of hand? Although slight is a homophone of sleight, and feels like it makes sense in this idiom, sleight of hand is the correct form when referring to a cleverly executed trick.