What is a ResponseCard NXT?

What is a ResponseCard NXT?

The NXT is an audience response device used when a presenter wants to gather immediate feedback from the audience.

What is a ResponseCard RF LCD used for?

The ResponseCard RF and RF LCD are audience response devices used when a presenter wants to gather immediate feedback from the audience.

How does a turning point clicker work?

The TurningPoint Desktop software with ResponseCard (Clicker) or TurningPoint Mobile enables the instructor to capture immediate feedback from every student at classroom. Incorporating with Microsoft PowerPoint, the instructor can identify students’ understanding, engage students, and enhance class participation.

Why is my turning point Clicker not working?

Not Receiving Clicker Points Make sure you’ve followed the Clicker Registration steps correctly. Make sure you’ve correctly followed the steps to set the clicker to the correct channel. A common mistake is forgetting to press the Channel button a second time, after you’ve entered the 2-digit channel code.

How much does a turning point clicker cost?

An annual license is available for $15, and a 4-year license is available for $32. If you have purchased a ResponseWare license, you must register it using TurningPoint’s website. To register your device, follow these steps: 1.

How do I change the channel on my response card?

ResponseCard XR-01 1 Press the Menu button. If prompted, press the Yes button to leave Presentation Mode. 2 Use the down arrow (Yes button) and scroll to Change Channel. 3 Press the Enter button.

How do I know if my clicker is working?

Testing the Clicker

  1. Plug in the receiver to your computer. (
  2. Open up the Turning Point Software.
  3. Conduct a Polling Test.
  4. If the clicker appears, then see Registration of Clicker.
  5. If the clicker does not appear, check settings of Response Device (receiver) and sync with the channel you set the clicker to again.

How do I change the channel on my Turning Technologies clicker?

To set your clicker to this channel, locate the button in the lower left corner. On older clickers, this button says “GO,” while on newer clickers, the button says “Ch” or “Channel” for Channel. (In the image below, the arrow indicates the location of the “Channel” button.

How do I change the channel on my turning point clicker?

How do I change the channel on my clicker?

  1. Press the CH ā†button in the lower left hand corner of your clicker.
  2. The light in the time right corner will flash red and green.
  3. Enter the two digit channel code.
  4. Press CH again.
  5. When the ResponseCard receives the new channel, the light will turn green.

What is Turning Point Turning Technologies?

TurningPoint 5 is an Audience Response software package offered by Turning Technologies, allowing you to receive immediate feedback from polling participants through the use of clickers.

What is a clicker on Turning Point?

How do you turn off an iClicker?

To turn on your iClicker, press the On/Off button at the bottom of the clicker. The power light should shine blue. The clicker will remain on for 90 minutes as long as there is an activated base in your classroom. If you leave class and forget to turn off your clicker, it will automatically turn off after 5 minutes.

What is Turning Point app?

About this app FEATURES & FUNCTIONS: Questions and response options are displayed on your device when polling is opened so that you can answer in real time or at your own pace during self-paced assessments. NOTE: TurningPoint app is compatible with Android OS 5.0 and above.

How do you connect a clicker to a channel?

The clicker remembers what channel you last joined….To join a channel:

  1. Press the GO or Ch button (whichever appears on your device).
  2. While the light is flashing red and green, enter the two-digit channel code.
  3. Press the GO or Ch button.

How much is a turning technologies subscription?

Subscriptions for Turning Technologies accounts can be purchased in the following increments: One-year subscription – $24.99. Two-year subscription – $35.99. Five-year subscription – $48.99.

How do I turn the responsecard NXT on and off?

The ResponseCard NXT is set to Presentation Mode by default. If you press any button, it will wake up the screen and attempt to enter it as an answer. The device automatically turns itself on and off; if you are in Presentation Mode and the screen is blank, you do not need to turn on the device.

How do I update the firmware on my responsecard NXT?

To update the firmware on your ResponseCard NXT, you can do either of the following: At Indiana University Bloomington, visit any Support Center walk-in location, and the consultants can update your ResponseCard NXT for you. Download the Hardware Updater (Windows only) from IUware and follow the directions to install the update yourself.

Is there a power button on the responsecard?

There is no power button; the device automatically turns itself on and off. The light on the device will flash different colors to signal different events: Green: Confirmation that your instructor’s receiver has received a response from your ResponseCard

How do I use the responsecard RF LCD?

With the ResponseCard RF LCD, you will see the channel code displayed in the LCD window when the device is on. To answer a question, press the button for the answer you want recorded. With the ResponseCard RF, the green light comes on for a few seconds as confirmation that your answer has been received.