What is a remote exhaust cutout?

What is a remote exhaust cutout?

The Quick Time Electric Cutout -or- QTEC is an electronically controlled valve that is installed prior to your vehicles muffler. This will allow you to send the exhaust out through the valve opening giving you enhanced performance as well as great sound. There is no need to crawl under your car or truck ever again!

Where do you put exhaust cutouts?

Find the spot where the chalk line remains intact. This is the optimum location for the cutouts. If space does not permit it, you can put the cutouts anywhere between this spot and the mufflers.

Where should exhaust cutouts be placed?

Where do you put an exhaust cutout?

How long does it take to install electric cutouts?

A switched 12 volts (ignition-on) and a solid ground is all that is needed to activate the electric motors, and the install was completed in less than four hours.

How long does it take to install an exhaust cutout?

Total installation should take less than two hours.

Can you put valves on any exhaust?

Valves can be installed on any size exhaust.

What’s the difference between glasspack and resonator?

A glass pack muffler uses a fiberglass packing to REDUCE SOUND. They both have one thing in common – sound reduction. A resonator, by its exterior shape, can commonly be confused with a glass pack muffler due to its narrow casing.

What are cutouts on a car?

Basically, an exhaust cutout is an opening in the exhaust system between the headers and the mufflers. The opening is normally capped and sends all the vehicle’s exhaust through the mufflers and out the tailpipes.

What is the exhaust cutout kit made out of?

The materials are mainly aluminum and stainless steel, with the chassis being made up of completely stainless steel. There will be no rust or corrosion, a common problem seen with many exhaust cutout kits on the market. It also has the highest gas flow cutout on the market.

What size exhaust cutouts do Summit Racing offer?

Exhaust Cutouts Quickly and easily shift your exhaust system from street legal to full-race mode with exhaust cutouts from Summit Racing. Choose from both electric and manual exhaust cutouts in diameters ranging from two-inch to five-inch.

What is a qtec30 exhaust cutout?

They have been making exhaust cutouts for the past twenty years, so they know what they are doing. The QTEC30 is made up of a stainless-steel chassis that allows it to handle any environment and weather without any risk of it failing. It is completely rust and corrosion-proof for a better lifespan.

What is the best electric exhaust cutout for my car?

With the exhaust cutouts, you can simply switch between loud and quiet modes according to your needs. In my opinion, I found that the best company for an electric exhaust cutout is Quick Time Performance and their highly rated QTEC30 3.00 Inch QTP Electric Exhaust Cutout.