What is a marginal seat Australia?

What is a marginal seat Australia?

Classification of seats as marginal, fairly safe or safe is applied by the independent Australian Electoral Commission using the following definition: “Where a winning party receives less than 56% of the vote, the seat is classified as ‘marginal’, 56–60% is classified as ‘fairly safe’ and more than 60% is considered ‘ …

What federal electorate is Kensington in?

The electoral district of Melbourne is an electorate of the Victorian Legislative Assembly. It currently includes the localities of Carlton, North Carlton, Melbourne, East Melbourne, West Melbourne, North Melbourne, Parkville, Newmarket, Kensington and Flemington, and includes Melbourne University.

How many federal electorates are there in NSW?

The boundaries of the 47 Federal electorates are different to the 93 State Electorates. The voting system for the Australian House of Representatives is a full preferential system, not an optional preferential system like the one that is used to elect the New South Wales Legislative Assembly.

What electorate is Windsor Victoria in?

Find my electorate: 3181

State Locality/Suburb Electorate

Is Eden Monaro a marginal seat?

Kelly, a veteran of the Australian Army, had previously represented the electorate in the House of Representatives between 2007 and 2013, and retained his seat at the 2019 election despite a 2% swing against him. At the time, Eden-Monaro was Labor’s fourth-most marginal seat, held by a margin of only 0.85%.

What seats are the Greens targeting?

The Greens’ strategy for the 2022 federal election involved targeting nine key seats, including the previously Labor-held seats of Macnamara, Griffith, Richmond, Wills, and Canberra, and four previously Liberal-held seats of Kooyong, Brisbane, Ryan and Higgins.

Where is electorate of Cooper?

The Division of Cooper is an Australian Electoral Division in the state of Victoria. It takes in the northern suburbs of Melbourne. The division was contested for the first time at the 2019 federal election, with Ged Kearney of the Australian Labor Party (ALP) elected as its inaugural member of parliament.

Where is Kingsford Smith electorate?

Location Description: Kingsford Smith covers an area from La Perouse in the south to Randwick and Coogee in the north.

What electorate is Berwick in?

Find my electorate: La trobe

State Locality/Suburb Electorate

What electorate is Brighton?

Legislative Assembly Bayside City Council consists of the state electoral districts of: Bentleigh including parts of Hampton East. Brighton including the suburbs of Brighton, and parts of Brighton East and Hampton.

Is Eden-Monaro state or federal?

The Division of Eden-Monaro is an Australian electoral division in the state of New South Wales. Division of Eden-Monaro in New South Wales, as of the 2016 federal election. The previous member, Mike Kelly resigned due to ill health on 30 April 2020.

Who won the byelection in Eden-Monaro?

2020 Eden-Monaro by-election

Candidate Kristy McBain Fiona Kotvojs
Party Labor Liberal
Popular vote 34,073 36,388
Percentage 35.83% 38.33%
Swing 3.28 1.32

Who started the Greens party?

Bob Brown
Drew Hutton
Australian Greens/Founders

Where is Batman Australia?

Located in Labor’s traditional heartland of north Melbourne, Batman has been in Labor hands for all but two terms since 1910, and without interruption since 1969. It has been held by senior Labor figures since 1977.

Where is the Fraser electorate?

The Division of Fraser is an Australian electoral division in the state of Victoria, which was contested for the first time at the 2019 federal election.

Who is federal member for Kingsford Smith?

The current Member for Kingsford Smith, since the 2013 federal election, is Matt Thistlethwaite, a member of the Australian Labor Party who resigned from the Senate prior to the election.

Who is the federal member for Maroubra?

Mr Michael John DALEY, DipLaw MP

A Mr Michael Daley, MP Level 5 806 Anzac Parade MAROUBRA NSW 2035
Postal Mr Michael Daley MP PO Box 535 MAROUBRA NSW 2035
P (02) 9349 6440
F (02) 9349 4594
E [email protected]

What is the principle of electoral redistribution?

(1) Whenever an electoral redistribution is made, the redistribution shall be made upon the principle that the number of electors comprised in each electoral district must not (as at the relevant date) vary from the electoral quota by more than the permissible tolerance.

Is South Australia’s electoral redistribution fair?

Last Friday saw the much anticipated release of draft state electoral boundaries for South Australia. I say anticipated because the redistribution was the first held since the Weatherill Labor government repealed the state’s electoral fairness provision in late 2017. The repeal was the government’s last legislative measure before losing office.

What does the Commissioner’s report say about redistributions in South Australia?

As is usually the case with South Australian redistributions, and not usual in other states, the Commissioner’s report spends more time talking about the law than its reasons for drawing the boundaries.

What does the redistribution mean for Victoria’s federal seats?

The overall summary of the redistribution is that all 38 continuing seats remain held by the party that won the division in 2019, and the newly created 39th division is called Hawke and is a safe Labor seat. Read More » 2021 Federal Redistribution – Boundaries Finalised for Victoria.