What is a key lime?

What is a key lime?

The Key lime is valued for its unique flavor compared with other limes. The name is derived from its association with the Florida Keys, where it is best known as the flavoring ingredient in Key lime pie.

Is there anything for the whole family at Key lime Cove?

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How does the key lime Cove arcade work?

The 8,000-square-foot arcade at Key Lime Cove sits right outside the entry to the water park. There’s a wide variety of games for kids of all ages. All transactions go through a player’s card, where money can be added and a ticket count is kept. Tickets can then be redeemed for prizes.

How did the key lime come to Florida?

Its apparent path of introduction was through the Middle East to North Africa, then to Sicily and Andalucia and via Spanish explorers to the West Indies, including the Florida Keys. Henry Perrine is credited with introducing the Key lime to Florida.

Can I use regular limes instead of Key limes for bites?

Key limes don’t provide much peel, so sometimes I cheat and use regular limes—for the peel only—in these bites. If you can wait, these are even better the next day. —Joni Larsen, Wellington, Utah I bake over 200 of these cupcakes for our church suppers, and we always run out.

How do you know when a key lime is ripe?

It is green when picked but becomes yellow when ripe. A ripe key lime feels heavy for its size. Compared to a Persian lime, it is a smaller and has more seeds to remove, higher acidity, a stronger citrus aroma, and a thinner rind. The key lime is valued for its unique flavor and costs more too.

How do you get a key lime tree to bear fruit?

Key lime trees need 8 to 12 hours of sunlight daily to produce blossoms and fruit. Time your efforts to promote fruiting after the tree has reached maturity. Key lime trees grown from seed will not produce fruit during their first three to six years.