What is a Class C concrete?

What is a Class C concrete?

The class of concrete is generally called out in the specification of the item of work in which the concrete is to be used. The proportioning of these classes is based on developing an average compressive strength at 28 days as follows: Class S = 4,500 psi (31 mPa) Class C = 4,000 psi (28.0 mPa)

What is the PSI of Class C concrete?

Concrete Class C, with a minimum compressive strength (f’c) of 3,500 psi, shall be used for all cast-in-place walls, abutments and footings.

What are the strength classes of concrete?

Standard Strength Concrete Grades

  • C10 Concrete Grade. C10 is also known as Gen 1 concrete and is designed with a 10 Newton/28 day strength.
  • C15 Concrete Grade.
  • C20 Concrete Grade.
  • C25 Concrete Grade.
  • C30 Concrete Grade.
  • C35 Concrete Grade.
  • C40 Concrete Grade.

What are the different class of concrete?

Class A concrete shall be used for concrete structures, either reinforced or non-reinforced, and for concrete pavements. Class B concrete may be used for curbs, gutters and sidewalks. Class C concrete may be used for thrust blocks, encasements, fill or Page 2 SECTION 725 725-2 over-excavation, etc.

What is Class D concrete used for?

Class DT concrete may be used for deck resurfacing and repairs. Class HT may be substituted for Class DT concrete. Additional requirements are: An approved water reducing admixture shall be incorporated in the mix.

What grade of concrete is used for sidewalks?

Concrete used for sidewalks shall be according to pertinent sections of Section 501 of the Standard Specifications for Air-Entrained, Grade A-2 Concrete. The foundation, forms and reinforcement, when required, shall be checked and approved by the Engineer before the concrete is placed.

What class is 4500 psi concrete?

F1 and F2 Exposure Class The footing concrete will be designated an F1 exposure class (moderate), which comes with 4500 psi minimum compressive strength concrete which also needs to be air-entrained.

What class of concrete is 3500 psi?

25 MPa concrete is equivalent to a 3500 psi concrete mix.

What is a C25 concrete mix?

GRADE: C25 CONCRETE A multi-purpose concrete that is used on a wide range of commercial and domestic construction sites. C25 is often used as a foundation concrete mix when pouring foundations (footings). It is also the ideal concrete for domestic slab foundations for house and bungalow floors.

What is C10 concrete used for?

Concrete Type: C10 A versatile mix, C10 concrete can be used for both domestic and commercial construction, and can also be used for agricultural construction jobs. Examples of suitable applications include: Foundations for steps. Drainage works.

What does C25 concrete mean?

The C25 grade concrete is concrete that can withstand the compressive strength of 25MPa per square millimeter on the 28th day after casting. The C25 specimen can be a cube or cylindrical. [4.] The C25 concrete is medium strength concrete. C25 concrete is used in all construction areas.

What is C25 concrete used for?

What is C5 concrete?

C5/8 Concrete Used in both commercial and domestic projects, C5 or C8 is a wet lean mix concrete. It is an ideal option for foundations and blinding when you are working on a residential project. Besides, it is also common among builders, when it comes to working on curb bending.

Is 3500 psi concrete driveway good?

The typical concrete strength used for a driveway is in the 3000 psi to 4000 psi range, although temperate areas of the country may use lower strengths. Contractors, when ordering ready mixed concrete, should advise the producer of the intended use for the concrete.

What does C25 mean?


Acronym Definition
C25 Control for 25 Days (research test group)

What are the 7 grades of concrete?

The number of grades of nominal concrete mixes, is 7: M5, M10, M15, M20, M25, M30 and M35.