What information should be on a cattle ear tag?

What information should be on a cattle ear tag?

Electronic Tag and one Visual Tag – both tags must have your unique flock mark (with a zero in front) followed by a five digit animal number. The Electronic & Visual tag can be any colour except Red or black. It is recommended that the Electronic tag is placed in the animals left ear.

What are the best ear tags for cattle?

Best Ear Tags For Cattle Reviews

  • Complete set: Easy 100 Numbered Plastic Livestock Ear Tags With One Pilers Applicator.
  • Multi-Purpose: U & T Large Plastic Livestock Identification Ear Tags.
  • Affordable, fully equipped: GoldPaddy Animal Ear Tags, Pliers, And Spare Pins.

What do the tags on cows ears mean?

animal identification
Ear tags are needed for animal identification. They make it possible for us to identify and keep accurate records about each calf, heifer, steer, cow and bull. When you stop and think about it, animal identification has been around for a really long time.

Are ear tags on cattle permanent?

Ear tags are easy to read but they tend to fade after several years or get lost. If there is not a permanent form of identification and the tag is lost the animal can no longer be positively identified. A good method for permanent identification is tattooing the animals’ ear.

What do you write on ear tags?

Write the last number of the cow’s year of birth on the tag. Write the number the number boldly and clearly on the left side of the tag. This is particularly useful if you want to sell your cattle at a market, as potential buyers will be able to tell the age of a cow by simply looking at its ear tag.

How many ear tags do cows need?

Each calf needs one primary and one secondary ear tag, both showing the same unique individual identification number.

What size are cattle ear tags?

ATAGs for Cows are 4 1/2″ high x 3″ wide – comparable in size to the Super Maxi tags. ATAGs for Calves are 3 7/8″ high x 2 1/2″ wide – between the size of the Maxi and Large tags.

When should calves be tagged?

20 days
While calves may be tagged up to 20 days after birth, it is preferable that samples are taken as soon as possible after birth, although not until the calf is dry.

How do you read a cattle ear tag?

The three-digit system will handle up to 99 calves in a year or calf crop season. The four- digit system will handle up to 999 calves. Alternatively, the last digit or the last two digits may represent the year, and the first two or three digits would indicate the calf’s own number.

What is the different color ear tags for on cattle?

To answer the question, yes the tag does mean something. When calves are first born (or at least soon after), they get a tag in their ear with the same number their cow has. The white tags mean that the calf is a bull, the yellow tag means that it’s a heifer (a female that hasn’t had a calf yet).

How do farmers identify their cows?

The most common methods of marking cattle are ear tags, tattoos and hot brands. Less common methods of marking cattle include freeze brands, ear notches, neck chains and horn brands. Ear tags (Fig. 1) are a popular method of identifying cattle.

Does ear tagging hurt cows?

Does Tagging a Cow Hurt Them? Cattle farmers typically tag their animals while they’re still calves, meaning they’re tagged very early on in their life. Tagging a cow is a lot like piercing someone’s ears. Sure, they might feel a little pinch, but other than that, the process does not hurt the animal at all.

How do you write on a cattle ear tag?

Write the number the number boldly and clearly on the left side of the tag.

  1. This is particularly useful if you want to sell your cattle at a market, as potential buyers will be able to tell the age of a cow by simply looking at its ear tag.
  2. Use a black permanent marker to write the numbers.

What does a blue tag on a cow mean?

After gloving up and entering the cow from the business end, the good doctor would then apply a glued-on sticker to identify such pregnancy. A blue tag meant she was in the first trimester; a red tag proclaimed her in the second stage; a green tag placed her in the last three months before calving.

When should a calf be tagged?

within 20 days
Properly placed tags will minimise discomfort for the animal, decrease risk of injury to personnel and last longer in the ear. This newborn calf must be tagged within 20 days of birth. To avoid confusion, calves should be tagged as soon as they are dry.

What gauge is a cow tag?

18 Gauge
Aluminum Cattle / Cow Ear Tag, 37.2mm (1.46″) x 27.85mm (1.1″), 18 Gauge.

What color are cattle ear tags?

NLIS (Cattle) tags NLIS breeder tags are white and are used to permanently identify livestock before they leave their property of birth. NLIS post-breeder tags are orange are used to permanently identify introduced livestock not already identified with an electronic tag, or that have lost their original tag.

Why would a calf not be tagged?

Because tagging calves is time consuming, it will set the limit as to how many cows you can run. The most profitable ranches are running 500 to over 1000 cows per man. It would be impossible for these ranches to tag calves at birth. They spend their time (and money) on things that increase their profits.

What color are cattle tags 2021?

What about the year of birth colour system for ear tags?

Year Colour Year
2012 Purple 2020
2013 Yellow 2021
2014 Red 2022
2015 Sky Blue 2023

Are ear tags on the southern African market of high quality?

Many ear tag identification systems on the Southern African market with questionable quality, at high prices, causes confusion among farmers, feedlots and distributors. Some imported tags claiming high quality have let farmers down badly. Most local tag producers seem unable to provide tags of lasting quality and service users ineffectively.

How much does it cost to tag cattle in South Africa?

(Visual GMP system tags for cattle, sheep, goats, pigs) Large – cattle stock Postage and handling charges per KG: ZAR90.00 (Combo EID + visual GMP system ear tags for cattle, wildlife Large combo – cattle Postage and handling charges per KG: ZAR90.00

What are the tags for Africa oorplaaitjies?

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What are TFA ear tags used for?

TFA tags are available with Laser and Bar Code printing or RFID microchip to enable linkage with electronic database management. TFA ear tags possess the strongest pin and holder combination that ensure long lasting and secure fitting.