What happened to Eric Casebolt?

What happened to Eric Casebolt?

The entire June 5, 2015, incident was caught on camera, sparking protests and marches calling for justice and better policing in the suburbs north of Dallas. The officer, Eric Casebolt, resigned but was never charged with a crime.

Are there black people in McKinney Tx?

McKinney Demographics White: 71.52% Black or African American: 11.15% Asian: 9.29% Two or more races: 5.98%

What happened on texas pool party?

The 2015 Texas pool party incident, also known as the “McKinney pool party”, was a civil disturbance that occurred on June 5, 2015, at a pool party in McKinney, Texas, United States….2015 Texas pool party incident.

Location of McKinney in Collin County, Texas
Date June 5, 2015
Outcome Grand jury declined to indict officer involved in incident

Were there slaves in McKinney Tx?

People of African descent have roots here dating back before the founding of the City and Collin County. Although subjected first to slavery, and later to oppressive Jim Crow laws and segregation, McKinney’s Black community built homes, neighborhoods, churches, businesses, and a heritage spanning almost two centuries.

Is McKinney a good place to live?

McKinney: You’re No. 1. That’s according to Money magazine, which this morning unveiled its annual list of best places to live in America. And McKinney, the Collin County city of 149,000 people known for its charming downtown and Victorian-era homes, is on top.

Which part of Texas had the most slaves?

The Texas county with the highest slave population in 1860 was Wharton with 80.9 percent slave population, followed by Brazoria with 74.9 percent.

Is McKinney Texas A rich neighborhood?

Four North Texas cities – Frisco, Plano, Allen and McKinney – rank among the top 100 in a survey of the nation’s most affluent communities.

What is McKinney Texas known for?

For the first 125 years of its history McKinney served as the principal commercial center for the county. The county seat provided farmers with flour, corn, and cotton mills, cotton gins, a cotton compress and cottonseed oil mill, as well as banks, churches, schools, newspapers, and, from the 1880s, an opera house.

Does Texas have plantations?

The Levi Jordan Plantation is a historical site and building, located on Farm to Market Road 521, 4 miles (6.4 km) southwest of the city of Brazoria, in the U.S. state of Texas.

Is McKinney Tx a good place to live?

Is McKinney Tx good place to live?