What happened between Michael Corleone and Kay?

What happened between Michael Corleone and Kay?

Michael, under the belief that she miscarried, tries to convince her to stay, promising that he would change, but Kay is unwilling to listen and finally reveals the truth to him – her “miscarriage” was really an abortion. Enraged, he hits her across the face; the two are soon after divorced.

What does Michael say to Fredo in The Godfather?

Michael: “Fredo, you’re nothing to me now. You’re not a brother, you’re not a friend. I don’t want to know you or what you do.”

Does Michael Love Kay in The Godfather?

” Much later in the film, however, after each journeys to Sicily to hear their son Anthony perform in an opera, both Kay and Michael declare their love for each other. But it`s clear he cares more for her than she does for him.

Did Kay know Michael was married?

In the film, this was never revealed. In the book, Kay is told by Michael Corleone’s mother to forget about him, implying that Corleone was already married and would never return to the US.

Why did Michael Corleone marry Apollonia?

The courtship served a dual purpose: Michael would show respect for the Vitelli family, his future in-laws, and for him to honor the fact she was a “respectable” young woman- a virgin. After some time, Signor and Signora Vitelli gave their blessing for Michael to marry Apollonia.

What does Michael say to Fredo in Cuba?

When Michael finds out, he gives Fredo a big ol’ smooch at a party in Havana. This is the kiss of death, and he follows it by saying, “I know it was you, Fredo. You broke my heart.” Betrayal leaves a bad taste in Michael’s mouth. Watch the heart-breaking clip.

Why did Michael marry Apollonia if he loved Kay?

What does Fredo kissing mean?

Nick talks twice about a Fredo kiss throughout the episode. This is a reference to The Godfather II, where Michael kisses his brother Fredo on the mouth. Edit. Report This. Add a new trivia item.

Did Apollonia love Michael?

Apollonia had a loving marriage with Michael, albeit a very short one. She had also taken some traits that her parents had worried about in the first place; that she was beginning to distance herself from her Sicilian roots.

Does Michael avenge Apollonia?

In a deleted scene of The Godfather Part II (later restored in The Godfather Saga), Michael avenges Apollonia’s death by killing Fabrizio with a bomb placed in his car at his pizzeria in Buffalo.

What does Michael tell Kay about his business in the godfather?

That’s all I can tell you about my business, Kay…” During the first scene of The Godfather, Michael promises Kay that he is not like his family. In this scene, several years later, he has changed his mind.

What are the best quotes from the Godfather movie?

Tessio : Forgive me, Godfather, but with you gone me and Pete will come under Barzini’s thumb sooner or later. Clemenza : And I hate that Goddamn Barzini. In six months time there won’t be nothin’ left to build on. Don Corleone : Do you have faith in my judgement? Clemenza : Yes. Don Corleone : Do I have your loyalty?

What does godfather say to his son Carlo?

I’m Godfather to your son, Carlo. [Gives Carlo a drink] Go ahead, drink. Drink. No, Carlo, you’re out of the family business, that’s your punishment.

What did Michael say to Johnny Fontane in the godfather?

Michael : [ speaking to Carlo ] Only don’t tell me you’re innocent. Because it insults my intelligence and makes me very angry. Interesting? Johnny Fontane : [ discussing his problems ] I don’t know what to do, Godfather. My voice is weak, it’s weak.