What happened at the Blue Water Bridge?

What happened at the Blue Water Bridge?

Canadian officials seize 265 kilograms of heroin at Blue Water Bridge. Officials seized 265 kilograms of heroin from 23-year-old Canadian trucker Arshdeep Singh at the Blue Water Bridge.

Why did truckers shut down Ambassador Bridge?

The Ambassador Bridge, a key border crossing for U.S.-Canada trade, was shut down by Canadian protesters objecting to Covid restrictions. A convoy of Canadian truckers and protesters objecting to Covid restrictions has caused Ottawa residents headaches for weeks. Now, they are disrupting the other side of the border.

Are truckers blocking the Blue Water Bridge?

DETROIT (WXYZ) — Protests over COVID-19 vaccine and quarantine mandates in Canada continue to disrupt international commerce. The Ambassador Bridge is shut down completely with truckers being told to take the Blue Water Bridge in Port Huron.

What are the truckers protesting in Michigan?

Canadian truckers who were continuing a protest against a cross-border COVID-19 vaccine mandate and other restrictions set up camp in Windsor on Feb. 7.

Why are the trucks backed up at the Canadian border?

Trucks backed up for more than 6 miles on I-94 The group is protesting a mandate that requires drivers entering Canada to be fully vaccinated or agree to testing and quarantine protocols. The backup started around 3 p.m. Monday (Feb.

Why are truckers protesting in Michigan today?

Michigan’s auto industry is beginning to feel the impact from a trucker protest against US-Canadian vaccine mandates for their industry that has largely shut down Detroit’s Ambassador Bridge to Windsor, Ontario, over the past four days.

Why are the truckers protesting in Detroit?

Border protests thwart auto suppliers, truck drivers DETROIT – As demonstrations by truck drivers protesting Canada’s COVID-19 vaccine mandate stretches into its fourth day, it’s disrupting Michigan’s economy, including the automotive industry, manufacturing, agriculture and more, according to the governor.

Why are trucks backed up in Canada?

What percentage of Canadians live within 100 miles of the U.S. border?

Ninety percent of Canadians live within 100 miles of the US border.

Why are the Canadian truckers blocking the bridge?

OTTAWA, Feb 8 (Reuters) – The busiest land crossing from the United States to Canada remained shut on Tuesday after Canadian truckers blocked lanes on Monday to protest their government’s pandemic control measures.

Can you cross into Canada from Michigan?

Michigan has four land border crossings along the 721 miles it shares with Ontario, all of which are extremely busy (top 10 highest volume crossings between the two countries). These crossings are Sault Ste. Marie International Bridge, Blue Water Bridge, Detroit Windsor Tunnel, and Ambassador Bridge.

Why are truck drivers protesting in Detroit?

Why are the truckers blocking the bridge in Detroit?

Truckers protesting vaccine mandate block two Michigan bridges to Canada. As two vital bridge links to Canada remained clogged by trucker protests for a third day, Michigan business officials warned Wednesday that the situation could disrupt a state economy that hinges on trade.

What percentage of Canadians are vaccinated?

Vaccination coverage is high in Canada, with 84.92% of the population vaccinated with at least one dose. In the last 2 weeks, many people received vaccines: 21,441 received their first dose. 27,791 completed their primary series.

Why is Canada mostly uninhabitable?

Frozen north This region has dry, barren, and mostly uninhabited areas. This is largely because it has long, cold winters with heavy snow and perpetually frozen soil.

Why is Canada’s population so low?

The large size of Canada’s north, which is not at present arable, and thus cannot support large human populations, significantly lowers the country’s carrying capacity. In 2021, the population density of Canada was 4.2 people per square kilometre.

Why are truckers protesting in Detroit?

Why are trucks blocking the border?

Truck drivers have blocked two key border crossings in Texas to protest Gov. Greg Abbott’s decision to implement state-run checkpoints to inspect northbound commercial vehicles arriving from Mexico.

The traffic jam at the Blue Water Bridge spilled over onto streets near the highway. Truck drivers tried to wait out the long lines by pulling into the parking lots of nearby businesses – but space is limited.

Why are semi-trucks being re-routed away from the Blue Water Bridge?

That’s because semi-trucks are being re-routed more than an hour away to the Blue Water Bridge in Port Huron — leading to more long lines and delays. “I’m waiting to get on the ramp and go across Canada over to New York to deliver to a factory over there,” said truck driver Terry Mullin.

Why are some truckers protesting at the Ambassador Bridge in Detroit?

Truckers who have been unable to travel from the United States to Canada via the Ambassador Bridge in Detroit due to a protest against COVID-19 vaccine mandates had been heading to the Blue Water Bridge. (Dave Angell — For MediaNews Group) A group of protesters has gathered near the Blue Water Bridge in Port Huron Saturday, Feb. 12.

When was the last time the Detroit-Windsor Bridge was shut down for protest?

Still, Gregg Ward, president of Detroit-Windsor Truck Ferry, said Monday the last time he could remember the bridge fully shut down over a demonstration was in 1990 for the independent truckers protest.