What ethnicity is Viggo Mortensen?

What ethnicity is Viggo Mortensen?

Mortensen’s mother was American and his father Danish. His early childhood was peripatetic, with stints in Venezuela and Denmark as well as Argentina, where he attended elementary school. After his parents divorced, he lived with his mother in her hometown of Watertown, New York.

What does Viggo Mortensen do now?

Throughout his career, before and since his breakout as Aragorn in The Lord of the Rings, Mortensen has cultivated an aura of quiet eccentricity about him, bolstered by the various facts of his life: He lives abroad in Spain, runs his own independent publishing company, writes poetry, unceremoniously appears fully nude …

Where does Viggo Mortensen live now?

SpainDenmarkNew YorkVenezuelaEnglandBuenos Aires
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How did Viggo Mortensen get his scar on his face?

“Other people have that relationship with their cats and dogs.” He has a scar on his upper lip, not from any orc action, but from his wild youth. “It was a combination of a fist and a barbed-wire fence on a particularly bad Hallowe’en night.

Where does Viggo Mortensen currently live?

“We’ve had a lot of that in our family,” Mortensen said. Both Mortensen’s mother and father had dementia, as well as his stepfather and grandparents on both sides of the family. Mortensen currently lives in Spain but still has family in the North Country and returns often.

Where does Viggo Mortensen live?

Is Viggo Mortensen married to Ariadna?

Are Mortensen and Giner married? Although Viggo Mortensen and Ariadna Gil Giner have been together since around 2008, the two are not married.

Who didn’t wear a wig in Lord of the Rings?

Billy is the only actor in the film who did not wear a wig, as his dad noted that his naturally curly hair was perfect for a hobbit. You can spot Peter Jackson playing an extra in each of the three “LOTR” and “Hobbit” films.

Did Viggo Mortensen have a hair lip?

He has a scar on his upper lip, not from any orc action, but from his wild youth. “It was a combination of a fist and a barbed-wire fence on a particularly bad Hallowe’en night. I was 17.

Did Viggo put on weight for the Green Book?

The usually-cut Viggo Mortensen gained over 20kgs for his portrayal of Tony Lip in Green Book. “It’s not something I want to dwell on because it’s only a part of what the characterisation is about,” he tells us. “It was definitely the easiest part, though. It’s like, ‘just eat’.”

How did Viggo and Ariadna meet?

At the Academy Awards on Sunday, Mortensen appeared alongside Henry, now aged 31, and his wife, Spanish actress Ariadna Gil. Mortensen and Gil live together in Madrid, the two met in 2006 while filming the Spanish war movie Alatriste.

Is Aragorn hair real?

When compared to many other characters, very little was required of Virgo Mortensen to be transformed into Aragorn. Where other actors had complex prosthetics to worry about, all that was required of Mortensen was a shoulder-length black wig. His costume, too, is relatively simple.

Did Sean Astin and Elijah Wood friends?

Throughout the filming process, Astin became close friends with several cast members, and became particularly good friends with costar Elijah Wood.

Who almost got cast as Aragorn?

Stuart Townsend was cast as Aragorn before the groundbreaking production started filming. The Irish actor won the pivotal role after several other actors turned down the offers from the film’s mastermind Peter Jackson. Daniel Day-Lewis was Jackson’s first choice but declined the role during pre-production.

Where has Viggo Mortensen been photographed?

Actor Viggo Mortensen is photographed for Self Assignment on October 15, 2016 in Rome, Italy. Actress Viggo Mortensen is photographed for a Portrait Session at the 2014 Toronto Film Festival on September 4, 2014 in Toronto, Ontario.

What does Viggo Mortensen look like in Paris Match?

Actor Viggo Mortensen is photographed for Paris Match on December 7, 2018 in Paris, France. Viggo Mortensen wearing a light blue with navy pinstriped tee and white jeans smiles as he looks to his left and clasps his hands in his lap while…

What kind of cat does Viggo Mortensen have?

Viggo Mortensen holds Remy, an Abyssinian cat, close to his chest and smiles as he looks down to the cat during a photo session on April 13, 1997 in… View of Viggo Mortensen, a blanket wrapped about his shoulders as he holds the face of and looks into the eyes of Remy, an Abyssinnian cat, during a…