What episode of ANT Farm does China Sing dancing by myself?

What episode of ANT Farm does China Sing dancing by myself?

FANTasy Girl
Dancin’ by Myself is a pop song that Chyna Parks performed in the episode FANTasy Girl.

How much does China Anne McClain make?

China Anne McClain net worth: China Anne McClain is an American actress and singer who has a net worth of $2 million dollars. China Anne McClain is probably most famous for appearing in Disney Channel’s A.N.T Farm.

What episode of Ant Farm is Calling All the Monsters in?

MutANT Farm
Calling All The Monsters is an original Halloween-themed song performed by China Anne McClain. It was featured in the A.N.T Farm Halloween episode, MutANT Farm, as well as in the Shake It Up episode, Beam It Up, being the only song to be featured on two different Disney Channel shows.

What does China Anne McClain do now?

China Anne McClain Now Post A.N.T. Farm, China had a few smaller roles in television series like R.L. Stine’s The Haunting Hour and Bones. She then went on to voice the character of Freddie in Descendants: Wicked World.

Why was A.N.T. Farm Cancelled?

The reason ANT Farm ended was because China wanted to start working on music for her band, McClain, and wanted to do more edgier sounds in their music leaving her to want to depart from the Disney image.

What episode of A.N.T. Farm is Zendaya in?

creative consultANT

Year Title Notes
2010–2013 Shake It Up Co-lead
2011 Good Luck Charlie “Charlie Shakes It Up” (season 2: episode 13)
2011 PrankStars “Walk the Prank” (season 1: episode 3)
2012 A.N.T. Farm “creative consultANT” (season 2: episode 1)

Is Zendaya and China Anne McClain friends?

China Anne McClain and Zendaya are Disney Channel stars who have been friends forever. The dynamic duo worked together before on China’s hit TV show A.N.T. Farm, and have now reunited — this time, on Zendaya’s turf.

What Disney movie is the song Calling All the Monsters from?

A.N.T. Farm (2011)
Background. “Calling All the Monsters” is the second single released from the soundtrack A.N.T. Farm (2011), for the television series of the same name on Disney Channel.

What Disney movie has the song Calling all monsters in it?

A.N.T. Farm
The original “Calling All the Monsters” song was released Sept. 20, 2011, and was featured on the official soundtrack for Disney Channel’s teen sitcom A.N.T. Farm.

Did Cameron Boyce date China Anne McClain?

American actress, China Anne McClain was linked with various guys, but she has clarified that her relationship status is single. Previously, she was rumored of dating her A.N.T. Farm’s co-star Jake Short for a couple of months from 2012 to 2013. In December 2013, China was reported dating Cameron Boyce.

Why did Jennifer leave Black Lightning?

Speaking with Teen Vogue in February 2021, China Anne McClain opened up about her plan to step away from “Black Lightning.” McClain claimed that she knew it was time for her to leave the CW series through a “divine revelation” from God, which made her realize she needed to begin focusing on other projects.

Why is it called ANT Farm?

Taking place in San Francisco, the series stars China Anne McClain, Sierra McCormick, and Jake Short as middle-schoolers in a gifted program at their local high school called the “Advanced Natural Talent” or “A.N.T.” program for short.

How rich is Cameron Boyce?

Cameron Boyce Net Worth: Cameron Boyce was an American actor and dancer who had a net worth of $5 million at the time of his death in 2019.

How much does Skai Jackson?

How much money does Skai Jackson make in a year? Skai Jackson’s yearly income is $300,000.

Who is Zendaya’s best friend?

Both BFFs since childhood, Zendaya and Bella Thorne are the most obvious friend relationship. They met in an audition for a commercial when Zendaya was 7 and Bella was 6. Ever since, they have been best friends because they both live in California.

Are Bella and Zendaya friends?

Over the years, both Zendaya and Bella have gushed about their longtime friendship in various interviews and on social media. Now, J-14 is taking a walk down memory lane to relive Zendaya and Bella’s friendship from the beginning, including all the times they reunited and gushed over each other during interviews.