What does the word sumptuous mean in the Bible?

What does the word sumptuous mean in the Bible?

sump·tu·ous Of a size or splendor suggesting great expense; lavish: “He likes big meals, so I cook sumptuous ones” (Anaïs Nin).

What word can replace sumptuous?


  • Babylonian,
  • deluxe,
  • lavish,
  • Lucullan.
  • (also Lucullian),
  • luxe,
  • luxuriant,
  • luxurious,

How do you use the word sumptuous?

Sumptuous sentence example

  1. A sumptuous banquet took place, followed by a distribution of doles and garlands.
  2. His palace was more sumptuous than the temples of the gods, from which it was quite separate.
  3. The later Rabbis wore most sumptuous apparel, and were crowned until the death of Eliezer ben Azarya.

Is sumptuous only for food?

The word sumptuous, although often used to describe a meal, has nothing to do with the taste of food. The word sumptuous derives from the Latin verb sūmĕre, “to take, consume, spend.” From the verb comes the Latin adjective sumptuosus, “costly, expensive.”

What is a sumptuous meal?

DEFINITIONS1. impressive, expensive, and of high quality. a sumptuous feast/banquet/dinner.

What is the correct pronunciation of sumptuous?

The word is pronounced ‘SUMP-tyu-es’ with the stress on the first syllable. Some people pronounce the ‘t’ like the ‘ch’ in ‘cheese’, ‘chew’ and ‘chips’. The word comes from the Latin ‘sumptuosus’ meaning ‘costly, expensive’.

Which is the closest antonym for the word sumptuous?

antonyms for sumptuous

  • bad.
  • barren.
  • destitute.
  • economical.
  • homely.
  • inferior.
  • offensive.
  • plain.

What is another word for rich or sumptuous?

What is another word for sumptuous?

luxurious opulent
swanky plushy
extravagant lush
rich splendid
magnificent expensive

Is sumptuous an adjective?

SUMPTUOUS (adjective) definition and synonyms | Macmillan Dictionary.

How do you use sumptuous food in a sentence?

Each weeknight they will help a hapless chef prepare a sumptuous meal by holding their hand throughout the process. I decided to skip dessert and make an exit about two hours later as the sumptuous meal had left me ready for my nightcap and my bed.

How would you describe a sumptuous meal?

Something that is sumptuous is grand and obviously very expensive. […]

What is another word for good food?

In this page you can discover 74 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for delicious, like: scrumptious, heavenly, yummy, luscious, divine, appetizing, tasteful, tasty, mouth-watering, delicate and null.

Which word in paragraph 1 is similar in meaning to sumptuous?

OTHER WORDS FOR sumptuous 2 magnificent, luxurious, munificent.

What is the meaning of sumptuous food?

adjective. Something that is sumptuous is grand and obviously very expensive.

What is the meaning of sumptuous in Oxford dictionary?

very expensive and looking very impressive
/ˈsʌmptʃuəs/ /ˈsʌmptʃuəs/ (formal) ​very expensive and looking very impressive. a sumptuous meal.

Is Scrumptious sumptuous?

Both the adjectives are acceptable. But I see ‘sumptuous buffet/food/lunch/dinner’ as a common collocation. While sumptuous is related to the luxurious appearance of the food for the onlooker, scrumptious is related to the palatial deliciousness of the food for the eater.

What do you mean by sumptuous dinner?

What is meant by sumptuous meal?

What is lumpatious?

Someone that is snobby, annoying, mean, bad, unpleasant or rude. My aunt was very lumpatious yesterday. Someone who is disrespectful, rude, or insane. The leader of the cottage tribe is lumpatious when he betrayed his people for the wool tribe, and take over the country.

What is the meaning of the word gumptious?

Definition of gumptious : having gumption : alert, eager, vigorous a gumptious little helper

What does lumpatious mean in Sam and Cat?

The word was first heard in Sam & Cat from Season 1 Episode 22 #Lumpatious. Lumpatious rate. (Adult / Slang) (Adjective) To be in an unhappy mood and rude to others around you. Usage: Suzy woke up on the wrong side of the bed and was being lumpatious. lumpatious rate.

Was lumpatious a real word in the Outsiders?

He can be seen waving at the governor’s car glass when he says “lumpatious”. He is shown in the bushes at Inside Out Burger and laughs at Jepson being beating up. Sam and Cat think “lumpatious” was a real word. Tandy can shoot a laser from his finger.