What does the voice say in one of these days by Pink Floyd?

What does the voice say in one of these days by Pink Floyd?

The song is instrumental except for a distorted, low voice that says “One of these days I’m going to cut you into little pieces” and features double-tracked bass guitars played by David Gilmour and Roger Waters, with each bass hard panned into one channel of stereo. Gilmour’s bass sound is quite muted and dull.

What is The Wall Pink Floyd meaning?

According to the band, the “wall” is the self-isolating barrier we build over the course of our lives, and the “bricks in the wall” are the people and events that turn us inward and away from others.” Pink Floyd created a movie called “The Wall” released in 1982 which features the character, Pink who is a troubled rock …

What’s the meaning of one of these days?

at some time in the future
Definition of one of these days : at some time in the future One of these days, I’m going to buy myself a boat.

Does Dark Side of the Moon sync with Wizard of Oz?

Drummer Nick Mason told MTV in 1997, “It’s absolute nonsense. It has nothing to do with The Wizard of Oz. It was all based on The Sound of Music.” Dark Side of the Moon audio engineer Alan Parsons denied any connection, saying the band had no means of playing video tapes in the studio at the time of recording.

Why did Pink Floyd write time?

The lyrics deal with the passage of time. Waters got the idea when he realised he was no longer preparing for anything in life, but was right in the middle of it. He has described this realisation taking place at ages 28 and 29 in various interviews.

What is the meaning of you are one of a kind?

Definition of one of a kind : a person or thing that is not like any other person or thing I don’t know how we’ll ever replace Mary after she retires. She’s really one of a kind.

Is it correct to say these days?

“these days” is correct; “this days” is wrong. The demonstrative determiner “this” has a singular form “this” and a plural form “these”, and its plurality must match that of the noun that follows it.

What does you’re just another brick in the wall mean?

In Another Brick in The Wall, one of the most famous tracks of the group, Pink’s detachment already has a form, and it is the title itself that suggests it: any tragedy, injustice or abuse can only be “another brick” in an already existing wall.

What does we don’t need no thought control mean?

When Waters sings via his young semi-autobiographical self that “we don’t need no education / thought control,” he’s more than venting his frustrations over the oppressive education he received; he’s also saying that we, as a society, don’t need this type of education if we’re to evolve past these vitriolic cycles.

What is Pink Floyd’s best selling album?

The best-selling album by PINK FLOYD is DARK SIDE OF THE MOON, which sold over 50,000,000 copies .