What does the equivalent exchange mod do?

What does the equivalent exchange mod do?

The Equivalent Exchange mod is based around alchemy. It adds in a number of extremely powerful end-game items that require large quantities of diamond to make, and large quantities of glowstone to power. It also grants the ability to easily condense materials into more valuable forms, up to diamonds and diamond ore.

How do you Uncharge the Philosopher’s Stone?

There is nothing special that goes into charging a Philosopher’s Stone, just press V until it is fully charged. This effect costs no Fuel. Transmuting large areas at once can incur a cooldown on the effect.

Is equivalent exchange in FTB?

Equivalent Exchange is a magic mod created by x3n0ph0b3. It allows users to transmute materials into other materials by using various later-game items and machines via the EMC system. Items have their own EMC value, and is used in determining how much of one material another requires.

What does equivalent exchange mean?

The principle of Equivalent Exchange typically says the object or goal a person will trade for must have an equal value to what the person trades with. Who and what determines this “equivalency” varies from story to story.

What happened to equivalent exchange?

Items have their own EMC value, and is used in determining how much of one material another requires. Equivalent Exchange is no longer being developed, due to X3n0ph0b3 moving on to developing a new version, Equivalent Exchange 2.

How do you transform mobs with Philosopher’s Stone?

If you have a suitable source of EMC in your inventory (Coal seems to work best for this), press “Release Charge” (“R” by default) while targeting a mob with the Philosopher’s Stone to randomly transform it into another mob of the same hostility level (e.g. Cows will never become Creepers, and Creepers will never …

How can we do world transmutation?

It is also possible to transmute mobs in the world. This can be done by pressing the Release key (R by default) while holding the Stone, which will fire a purple orb. If this projectile hits any mob, it will be transmuted at a cost of 384 EMC (one Gunpowder’s worth).

How do you get red matter in Project E?

If you have 10,368 Coal and a Philosopher’s Stone, you can create one Red Matter from an Automatic Crafting Table Mk. II. This is one of the most expensive items in Tekkit. Red Matter can also be crafted into Red Matter Blocks, either for storage, decoration, or for use in crafting other items.

How do I make an EMC table?

Creating an item from EMC is performed by clicking on an item displayed on the right side. Shift-clicking will create an entire stack (if the table holds sufficient EMC). The icon with the crossed-out book is to unlearn unwanted items.

What is equivalent exchange Jojo?

Equivalent exchange is the ability for one thing to be traded for something else of equal value.

Does Crazy Craft 4 have OreSpawn?

The most notable mods included in Crazy Craft 4.0 are Orespawn, Legends mod, TragicMC, witchery, HBM nuclear tech, Mcheli and many more.

What is equivalent exchange FMA?

Equivalent Exchange is the principle that limits alchemy’s infinite potential. It’s a simple concept: something cannot be created from nothing, and so in order to obtain something, something else of equal value must be lost.

How do I get the equivalent exchange Quest?

The player needs to complete the Tales of Winter daily quest in order to start Equivalent Exchange World Quest. After completing the daily quest players can approach Viktor in Mondstadt to start the quest.

What does a transmutation table do?

The Transmutation Table functions as a battery for EMC energy, a charger for EMC storage items, as a library of blueprints and as a fabricator of items. Before it can create an item, the Transmutation Table must “learn” the item. This is performed by placing an item with an EMC value into the “flames” slot on the GUI.