What does Satomi mean?

What does Satomi mean?

wise, beauty
Satomi can be written using different kanji characters and can mean: 里美, “hometown, beauty” 怜美, “wise, beauty” 聡美, “wise, beauty” 智美, “wisdom, beauty”

What does Hiroto mean?

great flying
The name Hiroto is boy’s name of Japanese origin meaning “great flying”. A very popular Japanese boys’ name whose characters refer to the constellation Ursa Major. Short form Hiro might work better in the West, as may another popular Japanese boys’ name, Ren.

What does Sayuri mean in Japanese?

small lily
Japanese. Meaning. Usually “small lily” is the most commonly used Kanji. Region of origin. Japan.

What does Saomi mean?

According to a user from Spain, the name Saomi is of Japanese origin and means “‘blossom’, ‘the cherry of blossom’ or ‘beautiful'”. According to a user from Virginia, U.S., the name Saomi is of Greek origin and means “To save or to heal”.

What does the name Hiroko mean?

Name meanings Hiroko can be written using different kanji characters and can mean: 裕子, “kind child” 弘子, “Beautiful child” 寛子, ” small child” 浩子, “large child”

What does the name Hayato mean?

Fast, Person, Bravery, Speed
The name Hayato is primarily a male name of Japanese origin that means Fast, Person, Bravery, Speed.

What Japanese name means lily?

With slender stems and large flowers, “Yuri”, the Japanese name for lily, is said to have come from the verb “yuru”, meaning to sway, as a lily does naturally in the breeze. In Japan, lilies are in abundance and are known to have high ornamental value.

What does the name Kazuko mean?

child of peace
The name Kazuko is girl’s name meaning “child of peace”. Kazuko is a Japanese feminine name that combines the character kazu (“harmony”) with ko (“child”), creating a name that in total symbolises a child of peace.

What does the name Fumiko mean?

Beautiful, Child
The name Fumiko is primarily a female name of Japanese origin that means Beautiful, Child.

How do you write Hayato in Japanese?

Hayato (written: 勇人, 勇斗, 勇登, 隼, 隼人, 隼斗, 速人, 早人, 早十, 駿斗 or 颯斗) is a masculine Japanese given name. Notable people with the name include: Hayato Aoki (青木 勇人, born 1977), Japanese baseball player.

What does the name Natsuki mean?

Natsuki can be written using different kanji characters and can mean: as a given name. 夏稀, “summer, rare” 夏生, “summer, life” 夏紀, “summer, chronicle”

What does Hayami mean?

Hayami is Japanese Girl name and meaning of this name is “rare and unusual beauty”.

What is the meaning of Miyoshi?

[ syll. mi – yos – hi, miy -o- shi ] The baby girl name Miyoshi is pronounced as MiyY OW -SHiy †. Miyoshi has its origins in the Japanese language and it is also used largely in Japanese. The name Miyoshi means ‘beautiful flavor’. See also the related categories, beautiful (fair) and japanese.

What are some baby names that sound like Miyoshi?

Baby names that sound like Miyoshi include Maaike (Dutch), Maanasa, Maanika, Maasiai, Macea, Machea, Machika, Machiko (Japanese), Machyka, Machyko, Macia (Polish), Maecea, Maekiko, Maekiyo, Maeko (Japanese), Maeona, Maeva (Irish), Maeza, Maezah, and Magia (Polish).

What does the name Miyuki mean?

The name Miyuki is a girl’s name meaning “beautiful snow / beautiful happiness”. The meaning of this sweet Japanese name varies depending on the combination of kanji used, but the first element mi means “beautiful”. These 20 names were selected by our users that were looking for other names like Miyuki.