What does PC stand for in Pilatus Aircraft?

What does PC stand for in Pilatus Aircraft?


Acronym Definition
PC12 Pilatus PC-12 (Pilatus Aircraft; Switzerland)
PC12 Pheochromocytoma Cell Line 12

What type of aircraft is a Pilatus?

turboprop aircraft
The Pilatus PC-12 is a corporate commuter and utility turboprop aircraft. The aircraft’s first flight was in 1991. The aircraft is certified in over 60 countries and almost 1,000 PC-12 aircraft have been delivered.

How many Pilatus have crashed?

According to information taken from the official FAA website, which covers flight data in the United States and Canada, between April 26, 1990 and December 24, 2019, only 63 PC-12 accidents were recorded, with only one resulting in death and three with injured people.

Is Pilatus jet single-pilot?

Designed for 45,000 Feet and Two Hands. All Pilatus aircraft are certified for single-pilot operation.

Is a Pilatus single pilot?

All Pilatus aircraft are certified for single-pilot operation.

How much do PC-12 pilots make?

The national average salary for a PC-12 Captain is $42,858 per year in United States.

Does the Cessna Caravan have a toilet?

However, some Caravans have been equipped with electric flushing toilets, full vanities and sinks and even exterior plug-ins for showering (outside of the airplane on the ground) and generator power. Some have also been outfitted with elaborate bars and microwave ovens.

Do you need a special license to fly a turboprop?

In addition to the private pilot’s license you already have, it’s important to know what other certifications and endorsements are essential for turboprop planes. Most importantly, you should look into getting a high altitude endorsement, complex endorsement, and high performance endorsement.

Does the PC-24 have a toilet?

The PC-24 features a fully enclosed, externally serviceable private lavatory that is highly discreet and seamlessly integrated into the forward area of the cabin.

How much does a G650 captain make?


Captain Average High
Gulfstream G650 154,000 195,000
Large Jets
Falcon 2000/2000EX/LX 121,000 159,000
Gulfstream II/Ill 111,000 138,000

Who is Pilatus Aircraft?

Founded in 1939, Pilatus Aircraft derives its name from Mount Pilatus in the Swiss Alps. The Switzerland-based company manufactures single-engine turboprop and jet aircraft.

What happened to Pilatus?

In December 2000, the owners Unaxis (previously called Oerlikon-B├╝hrle) sold Pilatus to a consortium of Swiss investors. During July 2010, the company delivered its 1,000 PC-12.

What is the backlog of Pilatus Aircraft?

As of May 2020,the company’s backlog stood at $2.1 billion. Pilatus Aircraft has its headquarters, along with a production plant, on the Buochs Airport in the Swiss canton of Nidwalden. The headquarters and plant are in the municipality of Stans .

Is the Pilatus PC-12 a military aircraft?

The PC-12 is Pilatus’ first aircraft directed principally at the civil market. Despite the company historically being a military-oriented supplier, military sales for the type were considered a low priority during the early stages of development.