What does Het Pied mean in ball pythons?

What does Het Pied mean in ball pythons?

You may also hear the term ‘het python’ and wonder, “What is a het pied ball python?” These are ball pythons that carry the pied gene but don’t actually display it. This means that they don’t have any white patches. They appear as a regular ball python.

How do you identify a het clown ball python?

Clown ball pythons have little or no lateral dark pattern. Instead of saddles they have splotchy darker patches. Their sides have a golden hue, and they have a pronounced blotchy, wide dorsal stripe. There is no mistaking a Clown for a normal ball python – or for any other morph!

What does a Het mean in snake breeding?

Het means the snake is heterozygous and therefore carries a recessive gene, but does not display the gene.

How long do Pied ball pythons live?

between 20-30 years
The Pied Ball Python’s lifespan is between 20-30 years in captivity. However, some have been reported to live to 40 years old.

What is het gene?

“Het” simply stands for heterozygous, which means there is one copy of an allele on a locus. A locus is the place on the chromosome the gene appears. Each locus has room for exactly 2 alleles. Alleles are what the ball python community commonly refers to as a gene or morph.

What is a Het gene?

Are all Leopard ball pythons Het pied?

The short answer: No.

Are Pied ball pythons aggressive?

Pied Ball Pythons make great pet snakes for any experience level, especially beginners. They are docile, don’t strike, are easy to handle and are relatively easy to care for.

How big do Pied pythons get?

Pied Ball Python Growth Chart
Age Length Weight
Adult (male) 3 – 4 feet 600 – 1,500 grams
Adult (female) 4 – 5 feet 1,200 – 3,000 grams
Hatchling 10 – 16 inches 30 – 70 grams

What does double Het mean?

It means the animal is heterozygous for 2 traits. Each trait is controlled by a pair of genes, if an animal is heterozygous, it means that one of these genes is ‘normal’, they other carries the mutation (e.g. albino).

What does Het mean in morphs?

How do you get a 66% het?

There is no such thing as a “66% het”. A 66% possible-het is a normal-colored snake that is the offspring of two het-albinos. There is a 2-in-3 chance that it is a het-albino.

How much is a ghost ball python worth?

That being said, most Ghost Ball Pythons range between $200 and $300 online. Although these snakes are not super expensive, it can be difficult to buy one because there are many waitlists for this snake morph.

How much is a mystic ball python?

How Much Do Mystic Ball Pythons Cost? Ball pythons are very affordable pets and it’s always better to buy from a reputable breeder. Prices can range anywhere between $20-200, depending on the type of python and its coloration.