What does c-Myc protein do?

What does c-Myc protein do?

C-Myc protein is a member of a family of proteins that regulate cell proliferation and apoptosis. The ability of c-myc to regulate apoptotic cell death results from the coordinated activation of c-Myc and several protein partners (such as Max) that facilitate DNA binding and activate transcription.

What result does c-Myc have on transcription?

In the human genome, C-myc is located on chromosome 8 and is believed to regulate expression of 15% of all genes through binding on enhancer box sequences (E-boxes)….Myc.

MYC proto-oncogene, bHLH transcription factor
NCBI gene 4609
HGNC 7553
OMIM 190080

What is c-Myc gene expression?

c-Myc is a multifunctional transcription factor which drives the multiple synthetic functions necessary for rapid cell division while at the same time inhibiting expression of genes with antiproliferative functions. Because of its propensity to induce apoptosis, its expression is tightly regulated.

What does c-Myc bind to?

Myc is a basic helix–loop–helix leucine zipper protein that dimerizes with Max to bind the DNA sequence 5′-CACGTG-3′, known as an E box, and activates transcription (3).

What is c-Myc regulation?

ABSTRACT. The c-Myc transcription factor is a potent regulator of cellular proliferation and cell fate decision. Precise regulation of c-Myc protein levels is essential to maintain normal cell function. In order to maintain proper levels of c-Myc, its protein stability is tightly controlled.

What is the difference between MYC and c-Myc?

Myc and c-myc are the same thing, the normal cellular (hence the c) version of this protein, which can be oncogenic when mutated. The myc tag is a 10-residue sequence derived from c-myc, which is a much larger protein.

What regulates MYC expression?

In fact, MYC is not only regulated by a whole host of transcription factors, such as CNBP, FBP, and TCF that is downstream of the Wnt pathway, but it is also regulated by non-B DNA structures including single-stranded bubbles, G-quadruplexes and Z-DNA (Levens, 2010).

What is the difference between C-MYC and MYC?

What is the C-MYC promoter?

The transcription factor c-Myc is a key regulator of cell proliferation, cell growth, differentiation, and apoptosis. Deregulated c-myc expression possesses a high transformation potential and the proto-oncogene c-myc represents a promising target in anticancer therapy.

What is the difference between MYC and c-myc?

What regulates Myc expression?

What genes does Myc regulate?

Myc regulates its downstream target genes by binding to cis-acting DNA motifs called E-boxes. The canonical E-box sequences CACGTG and CATGTG [23] as well as non-canonical E-boxes, such as CATGCG, CACGCG, CACGAG, and CAACGTG have been identified as cis-acting elements bound by Myc [43].

What is the difference between c-myc and MYC?

What do MYC genes do?

MYC gene encodes a multifunctional, nuclear phosphoprotein that controls a variety of cellular functions, including cell cycle, cell growth, apoptosis, cellular metabolism and biosynthesis, adhesion, and mitochondrial biogenesis.

Is MYC an oncogene or tumor suppressor?

Although the Myc gene was originally identified as an oncogene, it is involved in various cellular processes, including cell growth, proliferation, loss of differentiation, and apoptosis (Adhikary and Eilers, 2005; Pelengaris et al., 2002; Thompson, 1998).

Where is the c-myc gene located?

chromosome 8
The results indicate that the human c-myc gene is located on chromosome 8. The analysis of hybrids between rodent cells and human Burkitt lymphoma cells, which carry a reciprocal translocation between chromosomes 8 and 14, allowed the mapping of the human c-myc gene on region (q24 leads to qter) of chromosome 8.

What do myc genes do?

Does c-Myc protein Express in fibroblast cells?

We have examined and quantitated the expression of c-myc protein in two untransformed fibroblast cell lines, murine Swiss 3T3 and human MRC-5, c-myc protein is not detectable in quiescent cells, but it is rapidly induced upon mitogenic stimulation.

What is the relative expression of c-Myc in unmodified mammalian fibroblasts?

The RT-qPCR assay determined the C-MYC relative expression in unmodified mammalian fibroblasts (see Fig. 2 A). C-MYC relative expression was 1.82–2.23 fold higher in B. taurus in comparison to O. aries (P < 0.001; see Fig. 2 B).

What does c Myc do in human cells?

C-MYC acts pleiotropically in mammalian cells, particularly as a pro-survival factor and inducing cell proliferation 23, 24. For instance, C-MYC overexpression increases the efficiency of cellular reprogramming in mice and humans 19, 27.

What happens to the c-Myc protein when serum growth factors are removed?

The c-myc protein is phosphorylated and has the same size and short half-life as seen in tumour cells. Removal of serum growth factors from the culture medium causes very rapid loss of the c-myc protein from all cells, irrespective of their positions in the cell cycle.