What do you do at max level in GW2?

What do you do at max level in GW2?

Explore maps and unlock even more waypoints. Try out some lower level dungeons….Things to do when you think you’re running out of other stuff to do:

  • Try other classes.
  • Max out specializations.
  • Max out masteries.
  • High end crafting (ascended weapons & armor, legendaries, special skins)
  • Achievement point (AP) hunting.

Does Guild Wars 2 have an endgame?

Guild Wars 2’s endgame content is very varied but can be categorised as follows, further developed below in the body: Progression-based content: such as improving your gear, masteries, unlocking elite specializations, etc. Combat-based content: subdivided into PvE content and PvP content (PvP and WvW)

Is Guild Wars 2 end of dragons the last expansion?

Although there was a closing for the Elder Dragon saga, the Guild Wars 2 developers aren’t done with the game and have confirmed that there will be at least one more expansion pack added before completing the Guild Wars 2 lore book, and maybe even more after that.

When should I use Level 80 Boost?

Using this item on a character who is below level 80 will grant the option to preview max-level play in The Silverwastes; the item can then be used again to decide whether to level up permanently and consume the boost, or to end the trial and keep the boost.

Is the End of Dragons worth it?

End of Dragons features some of the strongest world-building in MMORPGs. Guild Wars 2 has always been packed with entertaining ambient dialogue, but some of the exchanges in End of Dragons are really worth stopping for. Much of it muses on culture, industry, and technology.

Will Guild Wars ever shut down?

Original Guild Wars isn’t shutting down anytime soon – Destructoid.

What happens if you go to level 80 in Guild Wars 2?

So let’s say you just go to level 80 in Guild Wars 2 and are in that lost crowd. Regardless of if you used that free level boost or not, you’re going to have a lot of information thrown at you.

Is GW2 worth playing GW2?

GW2 is a massive game, and it will take time. But be sure to set some time aside when you can to uncover sections of the game world you haven’t explored. This paid content can be unlocked with Gems or Gold, and it ties into the last two goals pretty well. Living Worlds are like DLC maps for GW2.

How many dungeons are there in Guild Wars 2?

There are eight dungeons in Guild Wars 2, but each one of them can be completed in the Story Mode and Explorable Mode. Moreover, the Explorable Mode provides multiple paths that all lead to a different ending with a different final boss.

What level should you gear up at in Guild Wars 2?

Hitting level 80 in Guild Wars 2 is when you really need to start gearing up. If you want to get deep in WvW PvP or the Raiding endgame, the gear you bring along is important.