What do Gardner Denver do?

What do Gardner Denver do?

With 160 years of experience, we are a leading global provider of compressors, blowers, and vacuum pumps.

What does gardner Denver make?

Gardner Denver, Inc. is a manufacturer of stationary air compressors, blowers, and pumps.

Is Gardner Denver still in business?

The company was formed in February 2020 through the merger of the Industrial segment of Ingersoll-Rand Plc (now known as Trane Technologies) and Gardner Denver (Gardner Denver Holdings Inc). Its products are sold under more than 40 brands across all major global markets. Ingersoll Rand Inc. U.S.

Is Gardner Denver owned by Ingersoll Rand?

DAVIDSON, N.C.–(BUSINESS WIRE)– Gardner Denver Holdings, Inc. completed the merger with the Ingersoll Rand Industrial segment at the end of the day on Saturday, February 29, 2020. The newly combined company, named Ingersoll Rand Inc.

Who owns Gardner Denver pumps?

2020. Gardner Denver and Ingersoll Rand merge forming a new bigger Ingersoll Rand. Thomas becomes one of the brands under the Ingersoll Rand umbrella.

Where are Champion air compressors manufactured?

Princeton, IL
With Champion meeting all “Buy America” clauses, you are getting a high quality product that is assembled in Princeton, IL, one of the few US manufacturers of air compressors. Champion is the only compressed air manufacturer to offer both reciprocating, rotary screw and rotary vane air compressors.

Who owns Champion pneumatic?

Gardner Denver Machinery Inc. agreed to buy Champion Pneumatic Machinery Co. of Princeton, Ill., from CRL Industries Inc. for about $24 million.

Are hydrovane compressors any good?

Hydrovane compressors never experience loss of performance as they age. In fact, Hydrovane’s performance improves overtime. With all cast iron components and Meehanite iron vanes. Hydrovane compressors carry up to a 5-year warranty against defects in mateĀ¬rial or workmanship.

What oil do you use in a hydrovane compressor?

The Hydrovane range of approved lubricants are: Fluid Force Red 2000 (A mineral lubricant for most installations under normal conditions). Fluid Force HPO (High Performance lubricant, a synthetic lubricant for hot and dusty environments and low ambient conditions).

Is Trane going out of business?

A major Lexington employer is closing down its manufacturing operation. The Trane manufacturing facility, located at Mercer Road, will shut down in 2019, according to parent company Ingersoll Rand. The closure comes as the company plans to expand its presence in Columbia, South Carolina.

Who owns Trane now?

Trane Technologies
American Standard Companies
Trane/Parent organizations

Trane is acquired by American Standard Companies. Becomes the largest of its three businesses: Air Conditioning Systems and Services, Vehicle Control Systems (WABCO) and Bath and Kitchen.

Who is Vicente Reynal?

Vicente Reynal is chairman, president and chief executive officer of Ingersoll Rand. He was appointed chairman in November 2021. Prior to Ingersoll Rand, Vicente served as chief executive officer of Gardner Denver since January 2016 and was a member of its board of directors.

Why choose Gardner Denver OEM air compressor parts?

Using Gardner Denver OEM air compressor parts not only ensures that your compressor stays operational but also keeps your system warranty compliant. We manufacture and thoroughly test our air compressor parts so you can have peace of mind after maintenance is completed on your Gardner Denver air compressor.

Why choose genuine Gardner Denver replacement parts?

But, the long term reliability and efficiency of your compressed air system depends upon using only genuine Gardner Denver replacement parts. Our genuine replacement parts are tailor-made specifically for your Gardner Denver air compressor to optimize its life expectancy.

Where can I buy air compressor parts in Denver?

Air compressor parts can be found and purchased from our large network of authorized Gardner Denver distributors. Highly-trained and skilled service professionals can assist you with selecting the right air compressor part you need so you can get back up and running.

How can Gardner Denver help you?

How can we help you? Gardner Denver compressed air systems are specifically designed and developed to provide the best quality compressed air, wherever and whenever you need it. But, the long term reliability and efficiency of your compressed air system depends upon using only genuine Gardner Denver replacement parts.