What county in Wisconsin has the best deer hunting?

What county in Wisconsin has the best deer hunting?

Two hours north of those lands, you’ll find what’s often considered Wisconsin’s – and America’s – premier deer hunting county: Buffalo County. Don’t let its name fool you; Buffalo County is all about the deer and has been ranked by Boone & Crocket as United States’ top county for trophy white-tails.

Where are the most deer in Wisconsin?

Deer management units with the highest fall densities were mostly in the east-central, south-central and southwestern parts of the state. Units with the lowest fall deer densities were mostly in southeastern and north-central to northeastern Wisconsin.

How much does it cost to hunt on a deer farm in Wisconsin?

*Hunters Guests $150.00 per day….Rates 2 and 3-Day Hunts.

Total Price # of Days
Management Buck (call for availability) $2,500 – $3,200 1 Day
130″ – 150″ Mature Whitetail Buck $3,850 2 Day
150″ – 160″ Mature Whitetail Buck $4,675 3 Day
161″ – 170″ Mature Whitetail Buck $5,775 3 Day

What are the dates for deer hunting in Wisconsin?

The 2021 deer season schedule is as follows:

  • Gun Hunt For Hunters With Disabilities: Oct. 2-10, 2021.
  • Youth Deer Hunt: Oct. 9-10, 2021.
  • Gun Deer Hunt: Nov. 20-28, 2021.
  • Muzzleloader: Nov. 29-Dec. 8, 2021.
  • Statewide Antlerless Hunt: Dec. 9-12, 2021.
  • Farmland Zone Holiday Hunt: Dec. 24, 2021-Jan. 1, 2022.

Where are the biggest bucks shot in Wisconsin?

Kevin Christorf killed an absolutely massive typical buck in Trempealeau County, Wisconsin, on October 28, 2021. With an unofficial green score of 200-5/8 inches gross and 196-7/8 net, the buck stands to smash the current state-record typical crossbow kill.

What county in wi has the most deer?

#1 – Wisconsin The #1 county overall is Buffalo County with 150 entries in the record book, Crawford County ranks #9 with 58 entries, Trempealeau County ranks #11 with 55 entries, Vernon County ranks #14 with 54 entries, Richland County ranks #18 with 48 entries, and Sauk County ranks #19 with 47 entries.

Where can you hunt big bucks in Wisconsin?

If you are looking for a more traditional tree-stand whitetail hunt, head for the farmland units of southern Wisconsin. Counties that border the Mississippi river in the western part of the state hold some of the biggest bucks.

What are the zones for deer hunting in Wisconsin?

Deer Management In Wisconsin The DNR divides the state into four Deer Management Zones (DMZs) based on habitat type: Northern Forest, Central Forest, Central Farmland and Southern Farmland.

What is the Wisconsin state record for whitetail deer?

“The record for the biggest deer in Wisconsin ever to be found or killed is 253 inches.

Where is the best deer hunting in Wisconsin?

Buffalo county in west central Wisconsin ranks right up there with Pike County, Illinois or Monroe County, Iowa. The counties to the south of Buffalo – namely Trempealeau, Vernon, Crawford and Grant are all prime-time big buck counties, but definitely not the only place to look.

How many bucks can you shoot in WI?

A. Hunters will receive one gun buck deer harvest authorization valid in any DMU statewide, plus one or more Farmland (Zone 2) antlerless deer harvest authorization(s), based on the DMU they hunt.

Can you bait deer in Wisconsin?

The Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources reminds hunters and wildlife observers that deer baiting and feeding are prohibited in much of the state — including in our northern area counties.

Where are the biggest bucks in Wisconsin?

How much down payment do I need for whitetail hunting?

Down Payments – All our whitetail hunts require a 50% down payment. All hunts require the balance be paid 60 days prior to the hunt.Deposits are non-refundable but can be transfered to the next year. If playback doesn’t begin shortly, try restarting your device.

How many days do you need to hunt for bow hunting?

3 or 5 Days of hunting with either Muzzleloader, Rifle or Archery seasons. Hunt does not include meals and Lodging. 3 or 5 Days of hunting with either Muzzleloader, Rifle or Archery seasons.

How do you prepare for a deer hunting trip?

A quick scent free shower wakes you up and gets you motivated to get out to the deer stand, but first you can mow down a continental breakfast. Startled by the knock of the hunting guide on the door, you ready yourself for the deep woods of Buffalo County.