What class should I make Sumia?

What class should I make Sumia?

Sumia Stat Growth Information At A Glance

Class HP Str
General 85 55
Great Knight 85 55
Cleric 70 35
War Cleric 80 45

Who can Sumia s support?

Awakening Supports/Sumia

Sumia’s support list
Avatar(M) Avatar(F) Chrom
CynthiaPC Morgan(F)PC

Is Sumia in love with Chrom?

Although both Sumia and Chrom can marry other units, Sumia is seen as Chrom’s wife in the opening movie sequence. The Japanese trailer that revealed marriage and children in Awakening showed Sumia and Robin as a couple.

Is Lucina married?

Fire Emblem Awakening: Chapter 21 Male Robin and Lucina (Married) Conversation – YouTube.

Is Sumia a Chrom canon?

Sumia is just one of the options and She was never ever represented as his bride in any other adaptation or side story. She is as canon as Olivia, Sully, Robin, Maribelle and the villager.

Can Chrom marry Robin?

Chrom can only marry Sumia, Sully, female Robin, Maribelle, or Olivia. It goes the same way like other supports. So, just pick one of the units he is able to marry, and it doesn’t HAVE to be Sumia; Sumia is just considered to be Chrom’s “canon wife”.

How old is Sumia?

Sumia (18) – Sumia seems to be one of the newest members of the Shepherds and looks up to several characters like Chrom, Frederick and Cordelia.

Should Sully be a Paladin or great knight?

As compared to Stahl, Sully has greater Skill, Speed, Luck and resistance, but inferior HP, Strength and Defense. If you want to maximize the efficiency of her growths, she’ll make a great Paladin. However, if you want to compensate for her deficiencies, she’ll make a better Great Knight.

Does Lucina love Robin?

She is not sure who it was, but eventually the traitor is revealed to be Robin. If they fall in love, Lucina tries to kill Robin to avoid an apocalyptic future to repeat in this timeline, but she is unable to do so because she loves him.

Who can marry Sumia?

What does sumia think you can control?

Sumia: You have so much confidence in yourself you actually think you can control even fate. I’m just thrilled if I can walk through camp without tripping on a stool. Cordelia: Our only limits are the ones we place on ourselves. Sumia: But…

How would you respond to Capt Chrom’s message to sum sumia?

Sumia: Capt—Chrom… Thank you. I swear I will return that love to you a hundredfold! Chrom: Then I am a fortunate man. I’ll need to ask for a bit of patience for the near future.

Did sumia need something from Chrom?

Chrom: Hello, Sumia. Did you need something? Sumia: Um, no. Robin is just looking for you. Chrom: Oh, right. The strategy meeting. Poor Robin does love to…

What do you say to sumia in the end?

Chrom: I don’t know what to say, Sumia. Except to thank you again. Thank you for all the sacrifices you’re making for my sake. I swear I will do everything in my power to end this war quickly. And I promise to build a peace that will endure for generations. Sumia: I know you will, Chrom. And I’m going to help you do it! Chrom: Sumia?