What class should I make Chrom?

What class should I make Chrom?

Chrom Stat Growth Information at a Glance

Class HP Str
Paladin 90 60
Great Knight 95 65
Archer 90 55
Sniper 90 55

Is Chrom a descendant of Marth?

Profile. Chrom is the prince, and eventual Exalt, of the Halidom of Ylisse. He is a direct descendant of the First Exalt, and a distant descendant of the Hero-King, Marth.

Who does Chrom automatically marry?

By default Chrom becomes wed to Sumia relatively early in the game. Marriage has the support rank of “S” on the Support menu. When inspecting Chrom’s available support options I saw that there are 3 other possible “S” characters.

Does Chrom have a daughter?

Chrom will always has a daughter named Lucina, in addition to the mother-dependant child. For example, if Chrom marries Sumia, you will get both Lucina and Cynthia. Similarly, if your Avatar marries, he/she will always have a child named Morgan, in addition to the mother-dependant child (if your Avatar is male).

Is Chrom a descendant of Sigurd?

I found out recently that Chrom is apparently a decendant of Sigurd, and it makes sense that Marth is decended from Sigurd as well. With this in mind, it would be reasonable to state that Baldur is the ancestor of many of Fire Emblem’s heroes like Sigurd, Seliph, Marth, Chrom, Lucina, Owain, and Ophelia.

Can male Robin marry Chrom?

Robin will be playing a secondary role to the game, alongside Lucina, behind the lead character, Chrom. If Robin is male, the two cannot marry. The game begins with a vision. Robin and Chrom are fighting Validar, and after a grueling fight, they seemingly succeed in killing him.

Is Chrom a real name?

Chrom is a fictional character in the video game Fire Emblem Awakening and its related Fire Emblem franchise.

Where can I find Chrom in Fire Emblem Heroes?

Chrom appears in volume 3 of the Fire Emblem Heroes: Mini Acrylic Figure Collection. His volume 3 appearance is based on his Spring Exalt appearance in Heroes . Chrom is currently featured on twenty-five cards in Fire Emblem Cipher.

How many Fire Emblem cards does Chrom have?

Chrom is currently featured on twenty-one cards in Fire Emblem Cipher. This is currently the highest number of distinct cards depicting a single character (if one considers the two gender variations of Corrin as two characters, as Cipher does).

Is Chrom An Exalt in Fire Emblem 0?

Signed variant of Chrom as an Exalt in Fire Emblem 0 (Cipher). Chrom as a Risen King in Fire Emblem 0 (Cipher). Chrom as a Lord in Fire Emblem 0 (Cipher).

Does Chrom have a victory theme in Fire Emblem?

Upon release, Chrom retained the original Fire Emblem victory theme based off of Brawl, which is shared by Marth, Roy, and Ike. However, in version 3.0.0, he received the new Awakening -based victory theme that was given to Lucina and Robin, making Chrom the only character to change victory themes within a title.