What brand is the Screaming Hand?

What brand is the Screaming Hand?

Santa Cruz Skateboards
The Screaming Hand was first created in 1985 and immediately became the official logo of Santa Cruz Skateboards, the world’s oldest skateboard company.

What does the Screaming Hand symbolize?

So I got really excited about it, took it down, and it became the Screaming Hand.” The logo was first used to promote Santa Cruz Skateboards’ Speed Wheel. The Screaming Hand is a timeless skateboarding symbol that stuck through generations of old and new school skateboarders.

Who designed the Santa Cruz Screaming Hand?

artist Jim Phillips
Created in 1985 by Santa Cruz graphics artist Jim Phillips, the howling appendage-which has been emblazoned on t-shirts, skateboards, and stickers all over the world-is honored with a fitting tribute to its influential legacy.

Who designed the Santa Cruz logo?

Jim Phillips Sr.
The “Screaming Hand”, designed by Jim Phillips Sr. in 1985, is the main logo of the Santa Cruz brand. The logo has become a skateboarding icon and is recognized widely throughout the skateboarding community; in 2015–16, its 30th anniversary was celebrated with a touring exhibition.

What does NHS stand for skateboarding?

The acronym NHS comes from their surname initials – Novak, Haut, and Sherman. In the beginning, their surfboard brand business was struggling to stay afloat because the margins were low. But all of a sudden, a friend from a Hawaiian company challenged NHS to make 500 skateboards.

What is Santa Cruz logo?

THE LOGOS: The Santa Cruz Red Dot logo is the first of the logos featuring a red dot and the iconic slanted Santa Cruz typeface with A’s as triangles. This was designed together by Jay Shuirman and Jim Phillips. The screaming hand logo came out not lots after, and is almost as iconic as the Red Dot logo.

Who is Jimbo Phillips?

jimbo phillips is an artist from santa cruz, california best known for bold, eye popping graphics. as he the son of artist jim phillips, he has been immersed in skate and surf culture all his life, and these themes are often at the center of his work.

Why do people wear Santa Cruz shirts?

Those who live in the county, or even in other places along the West Coast will often buy SCS merchandise as a way to connect with Santa Cruz and its beach-town culture. It”s common for local people who”ve never stepped on a skateboard to wear the logo.

What does Santa Cruz mean in English?

holy cross
In 1769 the Spanish explorer Don Gaspar de Portola discovered the land area which is now known as the City of Santa Cruz. When he came upon the beautiful flowing river, he named it San Lorenzo in honor of Saint Lawrence. He called the rolling hills above the river Santa Cruz, which means holy cross.

Who did the art for American wasteland?

About Jimbo Phillips Graphix. I am Jimbo Phillips, an artist from Santa Cruz, California. Born and raised in the art world.

Who does the art for Santa Cruz?

Step into the studio of legendary Santa Cruz artist Jim Phillips, creator of the iconic Screaming Hand artwork, and browse work largely unseen since 1984.

How is skateboarding related to graffiti and street art?

Skateboarding has long been associated with graffiti and street art, its fellow subcultures and countercultures, but with artists such as Snow and Colen plus curators and institutional figures such as Deitch exposing skate culture to the wider art world, it wasn’t long before contemporary artists were clamouring to …

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