What brand did McEnroe wear?

What brand did McEnroe wear?

There were numerous Sergio Tacchini track tops that McEnroe wore throughout his highly profiled career. One of them was the Masters, which took its original name from the Masters Grand Prix of which McEnroe won numerous singles titles in London, Stockholm, Tokyo, Philadelphia and Forest Hills between 1978 and 1985.

Who wore Sergio Tacchini?

Worn by the most prestigious tennis players, John McEnroe, Jimmy Connors, Martina Navratilova, Gabriela Sabatini, Pete Sampras, Pat Cash, Vitas Gerulaitis, Martina Hingis and some others, Sergio Tacchini was present on every big tournament. On a 40 years period, the brand has won more than 37 Grand Slam.

Who owns Sergio Tacchini?

entrepreneur Stefano Maroni
Global sportswear brand Sergio Tacchini has announced a new ownership structure. entrepreneur Stefano Maroni, Twin Lakes Capital LLC and B. Riley Principal Investments LLC will now own and operate the company originally founded in 1966 tennis player Sergio Tacchini.

Is Sergio Tacchini a tennis player?

Sergio Tacchini became a professional tennis player at age 17 by entering the Tennis Club of Milan in 1955. In 1960 he won the title of the Italian Champion over Nicola Pietrangeli. He also competed in the Davis Cup, counting five victories in singles and one in doubles in a total of fifteen matches.

What is Tacchini?

Tacchini or Tacchino is an Italian language surname, which means “turkey”.

Is Sergio Tacchini back in style?

Sergio Tacchini is due for a resurgence: they make classy, effortless sportswear that’s easily dressed up or down, as Mr Carter so perfectly demonstrates. Fingers crossed his influence will precipitate a bevy of fine fashion-forward fits.

Is Sergio Tacchini Made in China?

For production, the business has chosen to use suppliers, primarily in Asia, China, and Turkey. The suppliers take orders for all of its licensees at the same time which allows Sergio Tacchini to order in volume to negotiate a better price for production.

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When was Tacchini founded?


Sergio Tacchini sneakers
Formerly Sandys S.p.A.
Industry Footwear Apparel
Founded 1966; 56 years ago
Number of locations Over 100 (2011)

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1960: $1 per gallon.

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Supporting Information

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Does Sergio Tacchini sponsor Dino Meneghin?

Amongst its many professional endorsements, Sergio Tacchini proudly sponsored Italian basketball player Dino Meneghin of the prestigious Olimpia Milano team.

What is the Sergio Tacchini new young line?

The Sergio Tacchini New Young Line track top, partner range to the new young line polo. This popular top had a hidden zip off sleeve, unlike recent Fila zip offs, which were concealed enabling the owner to have the track top look in its own right.

Was Sergio Tacchini the ultimate 80s casual style influencer?

A wardrobe tribute to the great man himself that may prove he possibly was the ultimate 80s casual style, influencer because without him Sergio Tacchini would not have made it to the casual arena at the sales and premium brand level they had gone on to achieve.

What did Giuseppe Tacchini do after his tennis career?

During his career, Tacchini won three Italian championship titles and played on the prestigious Italy Davis Cup team from 1959 to 1966. After retiring as a player, Tacchini turned his focus to sportswear design, determined to introduce color to tennis apparel which, until then, was predominantly white.