What are the two dials on a radiator?

What are the two dials on a radiator?

One valve accounts for the amount of hot water that enters the radiator. The other valve, referred to as the lockshield valve, balances the system by regulating how much heat the radiator gives off. For a more detailed insight, take a look at our Radiator Valve Guide.

Is TRV bidirectional?

The vast majority of new TRV’s are bidirectional and can be fitted to either the flow or return, but it is always good practice to fit them to the flow side. If a non bidirectional TRV is fitted on the return side it will create a vibrating sound as the water tries to flow though it.

What should TRVs be set at?

What temperatures are the numbers on the TRV?

TRV Number Temperature setting Room Type
0 Closed/Off
* Frost Protection Setting 4-7°C Attached Garage
1 8-12°C Unoccupied Basement/Cellar
2 13-17°C Utility Room

What do numbers on thermostat mean?

You will see a number on the thermostat display. This number is the ambient temperature in your home. Use the up and down arrows on the thermostat to set the temperature you want the home to reach. You will see a different display number come up that corresponds to the temperature you set.

Should both radiator valves be fully open?

Most lockshield valves have a plastic or metal cover. You should remove these and open all of the lockshield valves completely. This requires that you turn them anticlockwise. You should also fully open the TRVs (thermostatic radiator valves).

Do both valves on a radiator need to be open?

You should open both of the valves on all of your system’s radiator when you are starting the radiator balancing process. You will most likely need to use pliers to open the lockshield valve.

What are the two numbers on a digital thermostat?

Second: some digital thermostat models show not just one, but two temperatures in the display. One of these is the “set” temperature and the second is the “current” or “actual” temperature.

What do the numbers mean on Trvs?

Radiator valves have numbers or symbols to represent how much heat the radiator is putting out. Normally, these numbers range from 1 – 6. Turning the valve to 3 should give you a room temperature around 20°C. Each number above or below then represents a single degree.

Which way do you turn a lockshield valve?

Once the system has cooled down, you will have to open the lockshield valve. To do this, simply turn in an anti-clockwise direction (to the left). You can do so by hand; but if your valves are a bit stiff, use your lockshield valve key, a spanner, or the wheelhead valve cap instead.

What do the 2 valves on a radiator do?

Each radiator will have two valves. One will control the amount of hot water that enters the radiator and the other will balance the system by controlling how much heat comes out of your radiator. This is known as the ‘lockshield valve’.

How much should lockshield be open?

You should open the Lockshield valve on the first radiator by one-quarter of a turn. Now open the Lockshield valve on the last radiator on your list. Each radiator in between should have its Lockshield valve opened slightly more than the previous radiator.

Should lockshield valves be fully open?

What do the symbols mean on a radiator valve?

What do the numbers mean on TRVs?