What are the most random Google searches?

What are the most random Google searches?

The top 10 weirdest search terms found during keyword research

  • ‘are babies dishwasher safe’
  • ‘is there a spell to become a mermaid that actually works’
  • ‘there is a deer in my car’
  • ‘am i a vampire’
  • ‘never put a wig on a dog’
  • ‘germany is in what country’
  • ‘what to do if a dolphin wants to mate with me’

What is the most searched thing on Google ever 2021?

Google Reveals Top Searches Of 2021

  • NBA.
  • DMX.
  • Gabby Petito.
  • Kyle Rittenhouse.
  • Brian Laundrie.
  • Mega Millions.
  • AMC Stock.
  • Stimulus Check.

What is the weirdest thing asked on Google?

Here are 20 weird searches:

  • Do cockerels crow when they feel like it?
  • How many toes does a rhinoceros have?
  • Why is your face on your head?
  • Why does cucumber taste like shampoo?
  • What is the average weight of a panda?
  • What is the length of spaghetti?
  • How can I grow taller?

What is the stupidest Google search?

The Dumbest Google Searches Of All Time

  • Is there really a bacon shortage predicted for 2013?
  • Best Halloween costume ever made from beer cans.
  • Are there plans to make The People of WalMart a reality show, and if so, how can I be a contestant?

What is the most Googled word?

Top Searched Keywords: Lists of the Most Popular Google Search Terms across Categories

Most Searched Words on Google
Rank Keyword Search Volume
1 Facebook 2,147,483,647
2 Youtube 1,680,000,000
3 Google 923,000,000

What questions cant Google answer?

Google has no answer for questions about effort, worth, desire, character. We have these answers inside of us. School is a place for asking and answering these types of questions.

Are there any illegal Google searches?

Some search terms that can land you in jail include child pornography, hiring a criminal, and other questionable terms (e.g., bomb-making). Does Google report illegal searches? No, but it has algorithms in place to prevent you from seeing the results of illegal internet searches.

What questions Google can’t answer?

Google has no answer for questions about effort, worth, desire, character. We have these answers inside of us. School is a place for asking and answering these types of questions. If you can Google it, it shouldn’t be part of the curriculum.

What is a dumb question?

Dumb questions are simple questions that probe the obvious, and simultaneously challenge and direct our thinking. Dumb questions are not accusatory or argumentative statements in disguise. Nor are they formulated with preconceived answers in mind. Rather, they are probing yet open.

Does Google report your searches?

Google is not the police. In most cases, Google will not report suspicious searches unless circumstances call for it. Child pornography is a prime example. While Google isn’t required to actively monitor illegal content, it may, however, report crimes such as child pornography.

What is the number 1 question asked on Google?

It might be quite surprising to know that the most asked question in the world is “what is my ip”. There are a little over 3 million people who ask this question every month on Google and that’s just one variation of the question. There are more who ask, “what is my ip address” and similar.

What was the first ever question asked on Google?

The question showing as the first for public consumption that I remember only soon after GA commenced was “Why is the sky blue”. Other very early but interesting questions included “Where can I buy a burqa” “What is the meaning of life and everything”.

What does Google knows about me?

It collects data on what videos you watch, the ads you click, your location, device information, and IP address and cookie data. It says it does this to “make [its] services work better for you, which is true: If you block everything you also block Google’s ability to show you more content it thinks you’ll like.

What are the top 100 Google searches globally?

Top 100 Google searches globally # Keyword Search Volume 14 yahoo mail 140,616,976 15 ebay 139,350,210 16 fb 134,234,056 17 ютуб 129,971,203

What are some of the funniest and weirdest Google searches?

XLIX. More Jesus Search Mayhem. I guess some of the funniest Google searches and weirdest Google searches is of Jesus. Sad cakes. L. Goldfish and Girlfriends. An odd but cute combination of funny things to Google I suppose.

What are the most searched words on Google?

Most Searched Words on Google. Rank. Keyword. Search Volume. 1. Facebook. 2,147,483,647. 2. Youtube.

What do people really search for on Google?

The Weird Google Searches Continues Outside the Zoo… II. Are you on Grilled Cheese or Taco’s side? People really search for these things. We’re apparently quite a competitive race. So much so, that we even want to know what foods will win against one another when battling it out. Maybe for gambling purposes? III. Lose Weight or Die Trying.