What are the festivals in Agusan del Sur?

What are the festivals in Agusan del Sur?

The Diwata festival is celebrated every June and is held in San Francisco. It features the Manobo culture and traditions of Agusan del Sur. The main attraction in the celebration is street dancing that brings life to the festival. The celebration is also a celebration of the foundation anniversary of San Francisco.

What is the festival in Agusan del Norte?

The following is a list of festivals celebrated in Agusan del Norte throughout the year: Araw ng Agusan del Norte (June 13-17) – (Province-wide) Saging Festival (2nd week of January) – Buenavista. Sumayajaw Festival (August 14) – Jabonga.

What is the history of Agusan del Sur?

The province was established on June 17, 1967 when the former Province of Agusan was divided into two new independent provinces: Agusan del Norte and Agusan del Sur. The Province of Agusan del Sur is divided into 13 municipalities and 1 city. The capital is the municipality of Prosperidad.

What are the culture in Agusan del Sur?

The province is also home to ethnic tribes with a variety of cultures and traditions. The region is dominated by five groups who are said to be the first settlers in the province: the Mamanwa, Bagobo, Aeta, Manobo and Higaonon tribes.

What is Banwag festival?

Banwag Festival. This festival is a commencement of the annual Philippine Benevolent Missionaries Association (PBMA) Conference. It is a religious gathering of the association’s members from all walks of life.

Why is it called Agusan del Sur?

The name Agusan came from the word “Agasan” which means, “where the water flows”. Agusan del Sur and its sister province Agusan del Norte were once part of Surigao and later of Agusan, until their creation as separate provinces on June 17, 1967 under Republic Act No. 4979.

What is the festival in Surigao del Sur?

Sirong Festival is an ethnic mardi-gras parade. Although some other municipalities in the province of Surigao del Sur are claiming to have this festival originated from them. As most of this coastal towns are founded during the pre-Spanish occupation and is both claiming the story of being attacked by the moros.

How many rivers are in Agusan del Sur?

With a length of 350-km, the basin is comprised of eleven (11) principal river systems as enumerated in the table below.

Where is the Golden Tara now?

the Chicago Fields Museum
The 13th century 21-karat Golden Tara, considered as one of the most important archeological discoveries in the Philippines, is now displayed at the Chicago Fields Museum in the US.

Why should we visit Agusan del Sur?

With its array of unspoiled natural destinations and rich cultural heritage, Agusan del Sur is a promising ecotourism destination. If you’re planning to visit as well, here are the must-see attractions in Agusan del Sur you should not miss.

What are the tourist spot in Agusan del Sur?

Top Attractions in Agusan del Sur Province

  • Agusan Marsh Wildlife Sanctuary. Nature & Wildlife Areas.
  • Bayugan Rotunda. Points of Interest & Landmarks.
  • Green Haven Adventure Farm. Sports Complexes • Zoos.
  • The Giant Toog Tree.
  • Bayug Hamogaway Falls.
  • Sacred Heart of Jesus Parish.
  • Patpatangan Cold Spring.
  • Tugonan Falls.

What is the festival that commemorates the first people of Sarangani province?

MunaTo is a combination of two Blaan words that mean “first people.” The celebration, now on its 16th year, is a tribute to the “first people” who lived around the Pinol Cave in Maitum town where hundreds of anthropomorphic jars had been discovered. Known as the “Maitum Jars”, the artifacts were found by Dr.

What region is Surigao del Norte?


Province Surigao Del Norte
Region REGION XIII (Caraga)
Population 475,028
Revenue 1,443,212,720.51

What is Sangkaan festival?

SANGKAAN FESTIVAL (Tandag’s Founding Anniversary) Held every 1st week of September, Sangkaan is an ethnic mardi gras marked by street dancing and stationary festivities performed through tribal music and dances.

What is Paladong festival?

About Paladong Festival. Paladong Festival features the festival of devour of St Augustine of a modest town in Surigao del Sur, called as Hinatuan. To anybody who’re not recognizable of the place, it is really where the profound, blue tidal pond Enchanted waterway can be gone.

What is the Dagupan festival?

STREET PARTY. A man looks at the grilled bangus (milkfish) ready to be served during the Kalutan ed Dalan at the central business district of Dagupan on April 30, 2022. The Kalutan ed Dalan is the highlight of the Bangus Festival.

What is the only city in Agusan del Sur?

9405, it is only city in the province of Agusan del Sur….

Coordinates: 8°43′N 125°45′E
Country Philippines
Region Caraga
Province Agusan del Sur

What is the first name of Agusan del Sur?

Agusan del Sur, officially the Province of Agusan del Sur (Cebuano: Habagatang Agusan; Butuanon: Probinsya hong Agusan del Sur; Tagalog: Timog Agusan), is a province in Caraga region, Mindanao, Philippines.

The festival highlights street dancing portraying tribal life in Agusan Del Sur. Lastly is the Santikan Festival which is celebrated every June 12 to 15 annually in Trento municipality which offers various friendly competitions. Another yearly celebrated festival is the Angot Festival on this province capital town, Prosperidad.

What is Agusan del Sur?

Agusan del Sur is an elongated basin formation with mountain ranges in the eastern and western sides forming a valley, which occupies the central longitudinal section of the land.

What is the history of the Agusan Valley?

The Agusan Valley was settled by a variety of cultural communities like the Manobos, Mamanwas and Higaonons. Archeological excavations in the lower Agusan valley plains have uncovered evidence of strong relationships between the region and the Southeast Asian states.

What are the best waterfalls in Agusan del Sur?

Pinandagatan Falls —located in Barangay New Tubigon, Sibagat, Agusan del Sur, a newly discovered untouched hidden paradise. According to Caraga Backpackers Group, Pinandagatan Falls could be the best waterfalls they saw in the entire Caraga Region