What are the famous festival in region 6?

What are the famous festival in region 6?

Region six is home to the world-renowned beach of Boracay, and some of the country’s top festivals — Dinagyang, Masskara, andAti-Atihan.

What are the best places to visit in region 6?

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  • Cabugao Gamay Island. This island is perhaps one of the most recognizable in Gigantes Island because of its widely shared photos in social media.
  • Bantigue Island.
  • Antonia Beach.
  • Tinagong Dagat.
  • Tangke Saltwater Lagoon.
  • Pawikan Cave.
  • North Gigantes Island Lighthouse.

What is the tourist attraction of Visayas?

Malapascua Island – Home of the unspoiled white sand beaches, beautiful coral gardens, and rich marine life. Oslob – A famous place in Visayas for diving because of the whale sharks there. Kalanggaman Island – The smaller version of Boracay. Lakawon Island – One of the most beautiful places in Visayas for beach-lovers.

What is the most beautiful place in Visayas?

Best Visayas Tourist Spots

  • Boracay – Aklan. Oh, Boracay.
  • Bantayan Island – Cebu.
  • Chocolate Hills – Bohol.
  • Panglao Island – Bohol.
  • Cambugahay Falls – Siquijor.
  • Malapascua Island – Cebu.
  • Oslob – Cebu.
  • Kalanggaman Island – Leyte.

What is festival in Visayas?

THE SINULOG FESTIVAL, is one of the grandest, most distinguished and most colorful festivals in the Philippines. The major festival is held each year on the third Sunday of January in Cebu City to honor the Santo Nino, or the child Jesus, who used to be the patron saint of the whole province of Cebu.

Where is Ati Atihan Festival held?

The Ati-Atihan festival is a Philippine festival held annually in January in honor of the Santo Niño in several towns of the province of Aklan, Panay Island. The biggest celebration is held during the third Sunday of January in the town of Kalibo, the province’s capital.

What are the major activities that can be done by tourists within region 6?

15 Best Things to Do in Visayas Philippines

  1. Drop by the Philippine Tarsier Sanctuary in Bohol.
  2. Ride a bamboo raft at Kawasan Falls.
  3. Take a day trip to Kalanggaman Island.
  4. Swim with Whale Sharks in Oslob.
  5. Visit Boracay, one of the Top Ranked Beaches in the World!
  6. Relax at Manjuyod Sandbar.

Why should I visit region 6?

Nestled right in the heart of the Philippine archipelago, Western Visayas has become a center of tourist destination because of its incomparable beach and island resorts, heritage sites, colorful festivals and gastronomic foods and delicacies.

Is Chocolate Hills in Visayas?

The island province of Bohol in the Philippines may be smaller than its Visayan neighbors Cebu and Negros which are home to some of the top tourist spots in Visayas and most beautiful islands in the Philippines, but it doesn’t fall short of stunning sights and activities, such as its famous Chocolate Hills.

What are the major activities that can be done by tourist within the central Visayas region?

Why you should visit Eastern Visayas?

The region is also endowed with beautiful natural attractions like beaches, caves, mountains and lakes. Now, Eastern Visayas has become a favorite destination of tourists and investors because of its abundant economic resources, natural beauty and improved transportation and telecommunication facilities.

What are the different festival in the Visayas region?

The Visayas is home to major Philippine religious and cultural festivals such as Ati-atihan Festival, Dinagyang Festival, and Sinulog Festival in January, the Pintados Festival every June and the MassKara Festival in October.

Which island in Visayas has many festivals?

It is rare that an entire city joins in the celebration of one festival, but Cebu has always primed its citizenry to celebrate as a whole during Sinulog. No wonder that even as 20 years have gone by, Sinulog is still the most looked-forward event for all Cebuanos.

Where is Mango Festival in Philippines?

province of Zambales
The Dinamulag Festival also known as the Zambales Mango Festival is an annual festival held in the province of Zambales in the Philippines to celebrate or encourage bountiful harvest of the province’s mangoes.

What place is Sinulog festival?

Cebu City
For 32 years, the Sinulog Festival is a traditional celebration in Cebu City held every third Sunday of January to honor the Santo Niño (Child Jesus). Basically, the festival is done by a dance ritual, in which it tells the story of the Filipino people’s pagan past and their acceptance of Christianity.

What are the festivals in Visayas?


  • Sinulog Festival. Location: Cebu City Philippines.
  • Ati-Atihan Festival. Location: Kalibo, Aklan Philippines.
  • Dinagyang Festival. Location: Ilo-ilo City Philippines.
  • MassKara Festival. Location: Bacolod City Philippines.
  • Pintado-Kasadyahan Festival.
  • Pintado-Kasadyahan Festival.

What are the major activities that can be done by tourists within the National Capital region?

12 Top-Rated Tourist Attractions & Things to Do in Manila

  • Rizal Park. Rizal Park.
  • Quiapo Church. Quiapo Church.
  • Intramuros. Walls of the Intramuros, Manila.
  • Manila Ocean Park. Manila Ocean Park.
  • San Agustin Church and Museum.
  • National Museum of the Philippines.
  • Bambike Ecotours.
  • Fort Santiago.

What is the capital of region 6?

Its 1,853 km supports a population of 441,000 in seventeen municipalities, of which Kalibo is the capital.

What is Ubi Festival in Bohol?

Ubi Festival The festival institutionalizes the ubi crop as the agro-historical geographical-religious symbol of Bohol, giving the ubi the recognition it rightfully deserves in the market. The festival features an exhibit, ubi contest, an agri-business investment opportunities seminar, and a cultural show.

Why is Chocolate Hills a tourist spot?

Chocolate Hills in Bohol is a famed tourist attraction in the Philippines which continues to draw attention for its unique and majestic characteristics. There are more than 1,000 symmetrical mounds, conical and dome-shaped that most people liken them to Hershey’s Kisses.