What are the different types of DStv decoder?

What are the different types of DStv decoder?

Current DSTV Decoder Prices in Nigeria

  • DSTV Access.
  • DSTV Family.
  • DSTV Compact.
  • DSTV Compact Plus.
  • DSTV Premium.

What is the latest DStv decoder model?

MultiChoice Group is launching a new model of DStv HD Decoder 6. It replaces the previous model HD Decoder 5 currently in stores and has the same features and functionality our customers are used to. The new model hit the markets on 2 May 2019, retailing at R399 as a standalone product, and R599 with installation.

Which is the best DStv decoder to buy?

The DStv Explora Ultra puts the power in your hands so you can enjoy all the best content, exactly the way you want to. Enjoy streaming services including DStv, Showmax, Netflix, Prime Video and YouTube – directly from the APPS button on your remote.

What is the difference between DStv Explora and HD decoder?

The HD PVRs allow 50 hours of HD recordings or 150 hours of SD recordings. The DStv Explora allows you to record up to 220 hours of your favourite programming (a mix of HD and SD). You’ll never be lost for something to watch!

How many types of decoders are there?

There are different types of decoders like 4, 8, and 16 decoders and the truth table of decoder depends upon a particular decoder chosen by the user. The subsequent description is about a 4-bit decoder and its truth table.

How much does a new DStv decoder cost?

The new DStv Explora Ultra has a recommended retail price of R2 499 for just the decoder, and R3 699 when it includes installation. The new streaming carousel carries Showmax and Netflix, with MultiChoice that will roll out and populate the carousel with more third-party streaming services as time goes on.

What is the difference between the DStv decoders?

Firstly the main difference between the two decoder options is the PVR function. PVR is an abbreviation of Personal Viewer Recorder. Therefore the main difference between the DStv Explora and the DStv HD decoder is the recording function. The recording function does affect the pricing of the DStv Explora.

Why is DStv not showing pictures?

DStv picture problems on your decoder These DStv problems can also come from a faulty RF cable. You can check whether your cable is cut at any point or connected well and to the correct ports. If this problem persists, you can get a new decoder and better cables.

How do I change the color on my DStv?


  1. Press MENU to access the Main Menu.
  2. Using the arrow keys, highlight Colours. and Transparency and press OK.
  3. To select another colour screen or change.
  4. Press OK to change this setting.
  5. To confirm your setting, press OK.
  6. Move the highlight to “Accept these.
  7. To return to the Main Menu, press EXIT.

How much is a new DStv decoder?

How much does Explora cost?

Recommended retail price of R2499 for the standalone device and R3699 including installation, available to purchase at participating retail stores. The DStv Explora Ultra is wholly manufactured in South Africa, its enclosure is made of 100% recycled material and packaging contains no single-use plastics.

What is the cost of a new DStv decoder?

The DStv Explora Ultra that costs R3 699 when it includes installation, will be pricier than the DStv Explora 3 that can be bought for R999 (or around R 1499 including installation).

How much is the cheapest DStv decoder?

DStv Decoder Packages

  • FromR799P/M. Stream Decoder. 135+ Channels. +15 SportsChannels.
  • FromR519P/M. Stream Decoder. 115+ Channels. +8 SportsChannels.
  • FromR409P/M. Stream Decoder. 100+ Channels. +7 SportsChannels.
  • FromR299P/M. Stream Decoder. 75+ Channels.
  • FromR99P/M. Stream Decoder. 66+ Channels.
  • FromR29P/M. Stream Decoder. 25+ Channels.

Can I buy DStv decoder only?

DStv offers a range of decoder options for subscribers depending on their needs. For an entry-level DStv decoder, the DStv HD Single View Decoder is the way to go. If you’re not a fan of too many bells and whistles, then the DStv HD Single View Decoder is just the thing.

What is the best decoder?

6 Best Free-to-air Decoders in Nigeria

  1. Strong Multifunctional FTA Satellite Decoder. The user may analyse and store over 7000 channels on the Strong satellite decoder.
  2. Unique sat ultra HD FTA satellite receiver.
  3. ViewSat HD FTA Decoder.
  4. PowerSat 999SM FTA Decoder.
  5. Digicom HD FTA Decoder.
  6. MultiTV Free To Air Decoder.

What is the difference between HD decoder and Explora?

The DStv Explora offers subscribers a viewing and recording environment, and includes services like DStv Catch Up, Box Office, and remote recording. The HD Single View decoder is aimed at providing an affordable decoder which provides high definition support.

Why is my TV not showing pictures?

If there’s no picture showing on your screen, the first thing to check is the input source. Whether it’s a cable box or a video game system, ensure it is turned on and operating correctly. Connect the device to different ports on your TV to see if the port is the issue.

How to reset your DStv decoder?

Press the blue “ DStv button ” on your remote control.

  • Then use the right arrow on the remote control to go to “ Settings “.
  • Use the down arrow to go to “ System Settings “.
  • Now use the right arrow to go to the next menu and select “ Reset Decoder Settings “
  • How is the DStv decoder used as a modem?

    Internet access&Cable TV access charges are taken care of in your monthly subscription payments. I.e.

  • The speed of the internet is fast.
  • The internet access does not interfere with the different cable television channels,i.e.
  • You can network between two and four system (PC) or laptops for maximum speed and effectiveness.
  • What to do when your DStv decoder loses signal?

    – What causes your DStv decoder to lose signal? Why your DStv says no signal? – What to do when DStv says no signal? Step 1: Check your DStv connection cables Step 2: Reboot your decoder Step 3: Inspect your DStv satellite dish Step 4: Check – Coverage area

    How to unlock DStv channels on strong decoder?

    – Go the menu – Choose settings – Select security settings – Enter the default password (0000) – Your strong decoder channel codes will appear at the bottom of the screen – Pair the smart card with your decoder. For example, if you are having a MYTV Smart card you’ll just click the MYTVPAIR option which will automatically pair with your card.