What are the basic interview questions for mechanical engineer?

What are the basic interview questions for mechanical engineer?

General Mechanical Engineering Interview Questions to Ask Candidates

  • Why did you choose to study mechanical engineering?
  • Talk about your first engineering design.
  • What is the top skill a mechanical engineer must have?
  • What is your CAD system of choice?
  • Name an engineering skill have you learned recently?

What are the questions asked in Indian Navy interview?

Tell me something about Operation Vijay, Operation Cactus and Operation Rahat conducted by the Indian Navy? Tell me the ranks of the Indian Navy Officers starting from the Sub-lieutenant. Tell me the ranks of the Indian Navy Sailors starting from the Seaman. Tell me the name of first aircraft carrier built by India.

What will I be asked in a navy interview?

Questions to ask What can I expect from basic training and further career training? When will my first deployment be? What can I do further to prepare myself to join the Royal Navy? Can you explain to me what happens next in the recruitment process?

What is the work of mechanical engineer in Indian Navy?

The role of Engineers revolves around maintaining, handling and creating the various technologies (navigation, submarine, IT, aircraft carrier etc) used in the Indian Navy. Short Service Commission is for a term of minimum 10 years, extendable to 14 years.

What are some mechanical skills?

Examples of mechanical engineering skills

  • Communication.
  • Creativity.
  • Problem-solving.
  • Math.
  • Attention to detail.
  • Collaboration.
  • Project management.

Why do you want join Navy?

A career in the Navy will provide ample opportunities to be able to prove your leadership skills. As your career progresses upwards, you’ll find yourself shouldering greater responsibilities of managing larger and more complex teams and equipment. You will contribute to the safety and success of those around you.

Why do I want to join Navy?

Can mechanical engineers work in Navy?

Mechanical Engineering Graduates can join the Engineering Branch of the Indian Navy in Marine/Aeronautical/Naval Constructor specializations. You may join via University Entry (UES) or Direct Entry (DE) Schemes.

Can a mechanical engineer get a job in Indian Navy?

Yes you can apply for the India Navy after completing B.E in Mechanical Engineering.

Why did you choose mechanical?

If you have a passion for Mathematics and Physics, you can choose to study mechanical engineering because it will help sharpen your skills in the design, research and manufacturing of equipment, aircraft and other vehicles. It will also hone your analytical and logical thinking skills.

What software do mechanical engineers use?

Most Important Software for Mechanical Engineers

  • Mathcad. Mathcad is possibly the one piece of software that is useful to every mechanical engineer, regardless of job function.
  • Computer Aided Design (CAD) Software.
  • Finite Element Analysis (FEA) Software.
  • Microsoft Excel.
  • Visual Basic for Applications (VBA)
  • Python.

Why do you want to join the Navy?

Great benefits The navy offers excellent benefits for all of their joiners and their families, which is great motivation to keep on reaching your full potential. Whether it be health care, military discounts, or financial support, they will ensure that you have everything you need.

What questions should I ask a Navy recruiter?

Questions You Should Ask A Navy Recruiter

  • What’s Navy boot camp like? ( aka recruit training)
  • Will I be based on a ship or shore? This will be contingent upon which job you ultimately end up with.
  • How much liberty time will I get?
  • What benefits are accessible to me after my time is up?
  • Can I reenlist as an officer?

How many hours does Indian Navy work?

8hrs easily, 12hrs depend upon the work load and 16 hrs will be punishment if there is no break in between… Minimum 8hrs, maximum as per situations anytask,anywhere,anytime. Basically there is no fixed timing for work in Indian Navy.