What are 10 interesting facts about the Philippines?

What are 10 interesting facts about the Philippines?

Interesting, Unusual and Fun Facts About The Philippines

  • Filipinos love basketball.
  • The Philippines is the world’s number 2 producer and exporter of coconuts.
  • Filipinos are extremely sociable people.
  • Filipinos love to eat.
  • Guess the bird!
  • Let’s sing!
  • Filipinos love their shopping malls.

What is the fact about Philippines?

The Philippines is an archipelago, or string of over 7,100 islands, in southeastern Asia between the South China Sea and the Pacific Ocean. The two largest islands, Luzon and Mindanao, make up for two-thirds of the total land area. Only about one third of the islands are inhabited.

What makes Philippines unique?

The country boasts of rich natural beauty in its many spectacular beaches, sunny weather and rich bio-diversity. More than that, the Philippines’ unique and complex culture, as exemplified by its people, cuisine and lifestyle, attracts many people to visit the country.

What is the meaning of 3 stars in Philippine flag?

The white triangle stands for equality and fraternity; the blue field for peace, truth and justice; and red field for patriotism and valor. The eight rays of the sun stand for the first eight provinces that the colonizers have put under martial law. The three stars symbolize Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao.

Why are there 3 stars on the Philippine flag?

Three five-pointed stars, one at each of the triangle’s points, stand for the three major island groups: Luzon, Visayas (originally referring to Panay Island) and Mindanao.

What makes Philippines different from the world?

Its islands are classified into three main geographical areas – Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao. Because of its archipelagic nature, Philippines is a culturally diverse country. With its topography consisting of mountainous terrains, dense forests, plains, and coastal areas, the Philippines is rich in biodiversity.

What is Philippine popular culture?

Pop Culture And Popular Culture Heavily influenced by mass media, this collection of ideas permeates the everyday lives of the society. The most common pop culture categories are: entertainment, sports, news, politics, fashion/clothes, technology and slang.

What is the Filipino Sun called?

Flag of the Philippines

Design A horizontal bicolor of blue (Peace) and red (War) with a white equilateral triangle based at the hoist containing three, five-pointed gold stars at its vertices, and an eight-rayed gold sun at its center.
Designed by attributed to Feliciano Jocson by Julio Nakpil

What are some facts about the Philippines?

Philippines is an archipelago of more than 7,107 islands.

  • Luzon is the largest island in the archipelago.
  • The capital of Philippines is Manila and its national language is Filipino.
  • With a population of about 90 million people,the Philippines is the 12 th most populous country in the world.
  • What is the Philippines famous for?

    Chocolate Hills,Bohol. Undoubtedly one of the most famous and curious landmarks in the Philippines is the Chocolate Hills.

  • Tarsiers,Bohol.
  • Banaue Rice Terraces,Ifugao.
  • Caramoan National Park.
  • Puerto Princesa’s Subterranean River,Palawan.
  • Coron,Palawan.
  • El Nido,Palawan.
  • Tubbataha Reefs,Palawan.
  • Boracay.
  • Mayon Volcano,Legazpi.
  • What is special about the Philippines?

    Next level. To bring the event to the next level,an exclusive dinner will also be held on July 27 that will feature a curated Filipino menu for invited heads

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  • What are facts about overpopulation in Philippines?

    1Very few countries are home to more Catholics than the Philippines.

  • 2 Pope Francis is extremely popular in the Philippines. Nearly nine-in-ten Filipinos overall (88%) – including 95% of Filipino Catholics – say they view the pope favorably.
  • 3 Pope Francis plans to visit Tacloban,a city devastated by Typhoon Haiyan in 2013.