Was Awkward canceled?

Was Awkward canceled?

On October 8, 2014, Awkward was renewed for a fifth and final season, which premiered on August 31, 2015. The mid-season finale aired on November 9, 2015; when the show returned in 2016, the story picked up during the summer after the characters’ freshman year of college.

Who is Eva in Awkward?

Elizabeth Whitson
Elizabeth Whitson as Eva Mansfield/Amber Horne (season 4), a new girl at Palos Hills who attempts to become friends with Jenna and Tamara, and later Matty and Jake.

When was Awkward Cancelled?

May 24, 2016Awkward / Final episode date

Why was Ming written off Awkward?

“Jessica Lu [who plays Ming] is not returning,” Alberghini says. “She wanted to move on.” Ming was Jenna’s BFF, and for a brief time was the head of the Asian Mafia, a hilarious and quirky B story arc that will also not be returning in the new season.

Why did Lacey write Jenna’s letter?

However on the last episode on season one “Fateful” Jenna finds out that her mom (Lacey) wrote the letter as Jenna was looking for the code for the security alarm in the ‘junk’ draw and she finds the exactly same paper (same pattern) as the “carefrontation letter”.

Is Eva from Awkward really pregnant?

‘Awkward’: Eva Is Not Pregnant — Midseason Premiere Recap | TVLine.

Who gets pregnant in Awkward?

Throughout Awkward. In ‘Finals’ Matty decides to investigate Amber’s lies and finds out from Valerie Marks(who announced during assembly that someone’s pregnant) who accidentally revealed that Gloria is pregnant and also found out that Gloria was wearing his mother’s missing earrings.

Was Jenna pregnant during Awkward?

Rickards: Big-boobed, mean girl Jenna was the funnest to play although weird things happened when I put on the pregnancy belly. First off, the fitting for that was interesting. I looked like I was Octomom, so we had to get a much smaller [belly].

Who does Jenna end up with?

In deciding, Jenna imagines alternate scenes where she chooses one over another. She eventually chooses Matty but soon begins to have second thoughts as she decides to spend the summer with Matty while Jake will go to Europe with Tamara.

What does Jenna’s dad do on awkward?

Biography. Kevin Hamilton is Jenna’s father. He is the more responsible parent compared with Jenna’s mother, although he still partakes in doing drugs with Lacey in The Scarlet Eye.

What did the note say in awkward?

A letter which Jenna mysteriously receives in the Season 1 “Pilot .” The letter outlines Jenna Hamilton’s life, and claims she is a “nobody.” In the Season 1 finale, “Fateful ,” Jenna finds stationary belonging to her mother which is the same stationary on which the “care”-frontation letter is written on.

Is Sadie pregnant Awkward?

Sadie Saxton doesn’t think the baby is Matty’s and she was right. This baby is the first Awkward pregnancy on-screen.

Why did Ming leave Awkward?

CA: There are a few things. There’s a couple of cast changes, Jessica Lu [who plays Ming] is not returning. She wanted to move on. [Also not returning are The Asian Mafia and Nolan Funk’s character, Collin Jennings.]

Who does Jake end up with in Awkward?

Jake and Tamara are now a couple. Their relationship is very steady as Jenna’s love interests in a Season 3 are Matty and Collin.

Why did Jenna’s mom write the letter on Awkward?