Should I uninstall InstallShield?

Should I uninstall InstallShield?

Ans. If you’re referring to the InstallShield folder located in C:\Program Files\Common Files, you can safely delete it. When you install software that uses the InstallShield method rather than the Microsoft Installer, the folder will be rebuilt automatically.

Where can I download InstallShield?

To download any of the InstallShield installation:

  • Sign in to the Product and License Center (
  • In the left navigation, under Entitlements, click Product List.
  • If the Product List page shows multiple products, click the InstallShield link.

What is InstallShield setup EXE?

InstallShield uses setup.exe as the bootstrap loader to call the Microsoft Windows Installer service. Setup.exe can accept command-line parameters that allow you to perform administrative installations, run silent installations, and complete other administrative tasks.

Who uses InstallShield?

InstallShield is primarily used for installing software for Microsoft Windows desktop and server platforms, though it can also be used to manage software applications and packages on a variety of handheld and mobile devices.

What is the InstallShield Wizard?

The InstallShield Wizard is a utility that guides you step-by-step through the process of installing software on your computer. When a software vendor uses an InstallShield product to create a software installation, the vendor can choose to add the InstallShield Wizard to the installation.

Can I delete InstallShield installation information?

Can I delete InstallShield Installation Information? The answer is yes, you can delete the folder manually but should you really delete the folder? The answer is no. Deleting InstallShield Installation Information will take away the capability to uninstall the application using Add/Remove Programs Windows.

How do I open InstallShield?

1. On the File menu, point to Open, and choose Project to display the Open Project dialog. 2. Browse to the InstallShield file you want to open, and select it.

How do I uninstall InstallShield?

How to Uninstall ” Install Shield Wizard”

  1. Click on the Windows Start Menu button and choose the “Control Panel” option.
  2. Click on the “Programs and Features” option.
  3. Select the Install Shield Wizard program and click on the “Uninstall” button.

What is InstallShield application updater?

Installshield Update Manager is a computer program that updates software you installed on your computer using the Installshield software. If you remove this update manager from your computer, you can still update all of your programs; you’ll just have to do so manually by going to each program’s manufacturer’s website.

What is InstallShield setup exe?

What is InstallShield wizard?