Is V8 Supercars only in Australia?

Is V8 Supercars only in Australia?

Supercars events take place in all Australian states and the Northern Territory, with the Australian Capital Territory formerly holding the Canberra 400. An international round is held in New Zealand, while events have previously been held in China, Bahrain, the United Arab Emirates, and the United States.

What cars will race in V8 Supercars 2022?

2022 Supercars liveries

  • James Courtney, Tickford Racing Ford Mustang.
  • Thomas Randle, Tickford Racing Ford Mustang.
  • Jake Kostecki, Tickford Racing Ford Mustang.
  • Cameron Waters, Tickford Racing Ford Mustang.
  • Nick Percat, Walkinshaw Andretti United Holden Commodore.
  • Chaz Mostert, Walkinshaw Andretti United Holden Commodore.

Why did Mercedes leave V8 Supercars?

The Mercedes-AMG badge came in only as a non-factory privateer squad (Erebus) and departed last year. Mercedes-Benz Australia was never a supporter and maintained that V8 Supercars was not a good fit for its customer demographic.

How fast is a DTM car?

300km/h / 186mph
Top speed: 300km/h / 186mph approx. Deutsche Tourenwagen Masters – or DTM as it’s known – is a touring car series based in Germany, but with a calendar that visits a number of different European tracks over the course of a season.

What does DTM racing stand for?

Deutsche Tourenwagen-Meisterschaft
The magic three letters “DTM” once stood for “Deutsche Tourenwagen-Meisterschaft” (German Touring Car Championship). Today, they are the trademark of the most popular international touring car racing series.

Will Camaro race in Supercars?

Triple Eight Race Engineering will race the Chevrolet Camaro in the Supercars Championship from 2022.

Will Holden be in 2022 Supercars?

The Queensland-based Holden squad will have a completely new driver lineup for the 2022 season with both of its current pilots moving on. Zane Goddard confirmed on October 15 that he will depart the team at the end of 2021 after failing to come to terms with MSR on a new deal.

Is Camaro coming to Australia?

Chevrolet Camaro for Sale But if the AN report proves correct, the Camaro will make its Australian Supercars debut in August 2022 and compete for just one full season (2023) before the Chevy muscle car is axed in the US the following year (2024), although it’s likely to race on here well beyond that.

Is Erebus a Holden or Ford?

Erebus Motorsport, (formerly known as Erebus Racing,) is an Australian motor racing team….Erebus Motorsport.

Manufacturer Holden
Chassis ZB Commodore
Debut 2013
Drivers’ Championships 0
Race wins 8

What happened to the Erebus Mercedes?

It now sits at Erebus’ Melbourne workshop, still retaining its Mercedes body work and in the base silver livery as it carried five years ago for the five-car Malaysian demo.

Why did Mercedes leave DTM?

Mercedes-Benz already left DTM after the 2018 season to focus on Formula E, which worried Audi about the series’ future some two years ago. At the time of Mercedes’ departure, Audi’s motorsport director stressed the need for DTM to attract a new manufacturer if it were to continue competing.

Why did DTM switch to GT3?

After two seasons raced under “Class 1” formula format, the series officially transitioned to FIA GT3 regulation, using its own Balance of Performance. The move from Class 1 to GT3 attracted more manufacturers and teams that couldn’t previously compete in the series due to high cost.

Is Holden racing in 2021?

Even without GM’s decision to axe the Holden name, it’s unlikely that there would have been Holdens racing in Supercars for long. It always felt like the current factory deal, which is supposed to run through to the end of 2021, would be the last one for Holden in its traditional sense.

What cars will be racing in Supercars 2023?

Matt Stone Racing will run Chevrolet Camaros when the Gen3 era starts in 2023. The team, which has campaigned Commodores since the midpoint of 2018, confirmed the news on Friday.

Will Camaro race in supercars?

What cars will race in V8 Supercars 2023?

Matt Stone Racing will run Chevrolet Camaros when the Gen3 era starts in 2023. The team, which has campaigned Commodores since the midpoint of 2018, confirmed the news on Friday. MSR made its main game debut with a sole Falcon in 2018 before it shifted to a Commodore.

When did the V8 take over the world?

The mid-century was when the V8 truly began to flourish both domestically and abroad. In the 1960s in America, the muscle car was born, and for a glorious decade or so carmakers subscribed to the mantra of “there’s no replacement for displacement” as they continued to stuff larger and larger-capacity V8s into their cars in the name of more power.

Who makes the most powerful V8 engines?

Mercedes-Benz, BMW, and McLaren have also produced some incredible V8s over the years to compete with the historically significant and incredibly powerful engines from Ford, Chevy, and Chrysler — and all of the above are still doing so today.

Is the Ferrari F8 the most powerful V8 ever made?

Known for their massive power output, smooth delivery, and the incredible music they make, Maranello-made V8s have powered a number of the most iconic Italian cars in history, and the F8 may soon be added to the list. As the brand’s current mid-engined screamer, the F8 boasts the most powerful V8 Ferrari has ever made.

When did Ferrari introduce the first mid-engined V8?

Ferrari introduced their first mid-engined V8 in 1973 with the Dino 308 GT4, and would go on to perfect the format over the next several decades.