Is there such thing as a reindeer Chihuahua?

Is there such thing as a reindeer Chihuahua?

Deer chihuahuas (or reindeer chihuahuas!) have longer legs. I think the longer legs make them look more like tiny deer, don’t you? They are sometimes referred to as reindeer chihuahuas.

Are deer headed Chihuahuas rare?

Are deer head Chihuahuas rare? Deer head Chihuahuas are not rare, but since they are not normally accepted under the breed standard of the American Kennel Club, some breeders may not sell them. You may need to contact a few breeders before finding one that sells these dogs.

How big does a reindeer Chihuahua get?

Like other Chis, these Chihuahuas do not grow that big. Most Deer Head Chis are about 8 to 12 inches (20 to 30 cm) in height. On average, these dogs are about 10 pounds (4 kg) in weight.

What is a deer headed Chihuahua?

Also living up to its namesake, the deer head Chihuahua has facial characteristics resembling that of a young deer’s face. If you look at a young deer’s face, you’ll notice they have a long muzzle, large ears and a sloped forehead, which are characteristics of this breed variation.

How big is a deer Chihuahua?

Deer head Chihuahuas are generally larger in size than their apple head counterparts. They can stand up to a foot tall and weigh up to 10-12 lbs, which is roughly twice as much as apple heads weigh. Their legs and necks are longer as well, giving them a more elegant appearance.

What is the smallest deer head Chihuahua?

In a mini or teacup size they can be as small as three to six inches tall! Deer Heads are larger than most Chihuahuas and cannot be bred for a miniature or teacup size. This breed is one of the most popular toy dog breeds in the United States.

What were deer Chihuahuas bred for?

These tiny tykes were bred to be companions, although there is some hunting in their past, as well. Fast forward to the early 1900s when the AKC recognized the Chihuahua and split them into two groups; the Deer Head and the Apple Head.

How can you tell if a Chihuahua is purebred?

Chihuahuas have full, round eyes. They are set well apart and are a luminous dark or ruby color, though blond or white dogs may have lighter eyes. Check the dog’s head shape. Chihuahuas have “apple” heads, X Research source which refers to their heads being round-shaped.

Why are deer head Chihuahuas bigger?

Their legs and necks are longer as well, giving them a more elegant appearance. It’s possible that deer head Chihuahuas are generally larger because breeders were never concerned with keeping them small since they can’t show.

Are pure black Chihuahuas rare?

Pure black Chihuahuas are so rare you’ve probably never even seen one. Despite this, black is, genetically, the most dominant color in Chihuahuas so, is relatively widespread, it’s just usually accompanied by a few splashes of white or another color.

Why do Chihuahuas eyes water?

If your Chihuahua or other dog has watery eyes, you might also notice inflammation, redness, and squinting. Other conditions may cause watery eyes as well, including injury to the face, tumors, infections, sinus issues, congenital abnormalities of the eyes or eyelids, and debris in the eyes.

What’s the difference between an Applehead Chihuahua and a deer head Chihuahua?

The apple head is a term used for Chihuahuas with a round forehead and bigger eyes, whereas the deer head has a narrower skull and his head has the same look as that of a young deer. The apple head is the only shape accepted in most world kennel clubs; however, he also has more health issues than the deer head.

What is the rarest Chihuahua?

White is, arguably, the rarest color of Chihuahua around. An albino Chihuahua isn’t the same thing as a white one, but both are the result of a lack of pigmentation. The white Chihuahua lack melanocytes, which give the coat its pigmentation, but retain the eumelanin needed to give them black eyes, noses, and paws.

What is a sable Chihuahua?

Sable coloring can be black, chocolate or blue. A sable colored chihuahua has a base color, this is the color that will be more dominant when they are full grown. The base color is a red or yellow color such as cream, gold, fawn and red. Much of a sable colored chihuahua’s sabling will fade as they move into adulthood.

Why do Chihuahuas lick so much?

Grooming. Chihuahuas are known for staying clean and grooming themselves. Since their little paws cannot hold combs and brush their coat, they prefer licking their entire body to groom and clean. It is common for two Chihuahuas to get along and do this activity to show affection while cleaning each other.

How much do reindeer Chihuahua cost?

These dogs are priced around $400 to $1,200. However, you can get one for around $100 to $300 if you decide to adopt instead. Compared to other kinds of Chihuahuas, deer legged Chihuahuas are about the same price. These dogs are not designer breeds which means they don’t typically cost more than purebreds.

Do Chihuahuas Like other Chihuahuas?

Do Chihuahuas Get Along with Other Chihuahuas? The good news is that most Chihuahuas love other Chihuahuas and this includes smooth coat Chihuahua, and short and long-haired Chihuahuas. You can introduce two Chihuahuas and mostly there won’t be any problem. It is a good idea to do these introductions at an early age – earlier the better.

How much should a deer head Chihuahua weigh?

The proper diet for the tiny Chi. Smaller dog breeds,like the Deer Head Chihuahua,will consume 40 calories per pound of body weight per day.

  • Grooming requirements of the Deer Head Chi. Grooming your Deer Head Chihuahua is quite straightforward.
  • Possible health issues of the Deer Head Chihuahua.
  • Potential behavior problems for the breed.
  • What is the personality of a Chihuahua?

    Temperament. Bright and alert,the Chi is not a timid guy.

  • Training. Training benefits all dogs,and with a Chi it can make a difference in the way other people in your life perceive him.
  • Socialization. To avoid some of the Chi’s negative behavior,socialize your puppy properly right from the beginning.