Is there a real Love Shack?

Is there a real Love Shack?

Well, technically, nowhere; it’s a fictional club. But the song’s inspiration is a cabin located somewhere around Athens, Georgia, which actually did have a tin roof. Band member Kate Pierson lived in this cabin in the 1970s, and it was where the group conceived of the hit “Rock Lobster” from their first album.

Where was b52 Love Shack filmed?

Highland, New York
The music video for “Love Shack” was not filmed in the Georgia cabin. In fact, it wasn’t filmed anywhere near Georgia. The video was shot at the home and studio of ceramic artists Philip Maberry and Scott Walker in Highland, New York.

Where is the real Love Shack?

Athens’ most famous tin roof is not only rusted but recently became charred and burnt. Located off Jefferson River Road in Clarke County, the shack rumored to be the actual “Love Shack” from the B-52s hit party song caught fire during the early morning hours of Dec. 13, 2004.

Who bought Kate’s Lazy Meadow?

B-52s lead singer Kate Pierson and her wife, artist Monica Coleman, bought this 6.5-acre Catskills property in the early 2000s, turning it into a retro “love shack.” With a total of 10 guest accommodations, the motel called Kate’s Lazy Meadow is just outside Woodstock, New York.

Is Love Shack a one hit wonder?

Some of the top one-hit wonders mentioned include Ice Ice Baby, Mickey, Whip It, Come On Eileen, and Love Shack.

Was Kate’s Lazy Meadow sold?

Kate Pierson of the B-52s just sold “Kate’s Lazy Meadow,” a colorful, rustic lodge in upstate New York. Situated two hours outside New York City, Kate’s Lazy Meadow is a mountain retreat unlike any other. For one, it was owned by B-52s lead singer Kate Pierson and renowned artist Monica Coleman.

Where does Kate Pierson live?

“I have been in Phase 1 since March,” said Kate Pierson, an original member of the inimitable new-wave band the B-52’s, who has run Kate’s Lazy Meadow, a rustic, funky getaway in Mount Tremper, New York, with her wife, Monica Coleman, an artist, since 2004.

Why do they say tin roof rusted?

What does tin roof, rusted mean? A lyric from The B-52’s hit song “Love Shack,” tin roof, rusted is interpreted by some to mean “pregnant,” usually with an unintended baby.

What are the B 52s doing now?

The band currently has one show scheduled for Aug. 22 in Seattle, Washington, though they’re scheduled to kick off a proper run Sept. 29 in Mashantucket, Connecticut. The run will wrap with a final blowout at the Fox Theatre in Atlanta, just outside the B-52s’ hometown of Athens, Georgia.